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We need to test atleast one airplane.
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With the amount of contribution and changes (For the best) the community had on choppers, we need to be able to give some feedback for airplanes before the game releases. Unless Devs are going to be making changes to flight models of airplanes after launch.



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Main reason is Planes in ARMA 2 were not very good.
If we are not going to get planes than please consider the following:

  1. A jet under full power should not loose all of it's airspeed and start stalling while banking. Any plane should sustain speed while turning.
  1. Climbing in a jet at near vertical rate should not cause it to stall. They can do that.

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Looks almost like a duplicate of

Hopefully they can close both when you get your plane.

Yes, we bought the game already anyway. So we don't really care if we see all the content now. I just want the game to be great when it launches. And as I am mainly a pilot I am very happy to see that feedback for the choppers was heard and they got much better. Wish the same would happen with airplanes. No need to give us Altis. We can test on straits.

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take the ArmA 2 mods, you know already the game is in Beta and you will have to wait for full relase for the rest of the addons

I don't like mods, cause they usually break more stuff than add.

Blackout from G-Forces in ACE was incredibly annoying, for once it is a part of the realism I strongly disagree with.

Maybe, I am just suggesting. But I am not talking about black outs, I am talking about getting a plane to test before the game releases to get the bugs out.

Also, I agree about the blackouts.

yes, one plane would be great just for testing purpose. could even be an unarmed recon plane or something, if bis want to have fighters as a special something for release.

so please, give us a test-plane for checking out flight model and so on...

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then just use the ArmA 2 F-35 and port it to arma 3

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twistking, the flight model is the same, it hasn't even changed since ArmA 1

yes, because it uses the old arma 2 FM, which is <b>hopefully</b> a placeholder for a new physX powered flight model, which would come with the new arma 3 planes.

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the planes wouldn't still handle very different, ArmA 1, 2, OA, TOH they all have planes that behave ALMOST the same, unless BIS actually do some shit and relase a flight simulator wich they will include, just like the TOH controls for ArmA 3, so, dont expect too much

I would prefer they release the aircraft when they are good and ready.
It takes time to code things and as you see on the tracker here, they have much to do.

@ ProGamer: that is the reason we need to test them. If we didn't have choppers to test, they would handle like Alpha build in the final release.

Yes but the devs have other priorities that they are working on.

Arma is never set in stone when it is released, they support th game for years after with free new content and engine upgrades and such. They will be open to adjusting the flight model after the game is released just as much as if we get the new flight model now.

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i dont really agree with you, programer, BIS is not that ambicious, actually, arma is a proyect BIS really want to lay off


Lay off? As in let go of it? No way, BIS would never do that to us. NEVER!!!!!

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no, seriously, BIS did like to work on OFP, but after that, they never put so much interest in the ArmA saga, even the CEO brother who is the leaders of the coding section on the company said that he is tired of making a war simulator.

i hope they can make a flight simulator, racing simulator, or just a sandbox TPS game to change the direction a bit

Different devs have different opinions, the devs make Arma as a game they would enjoy playing. Everybody has those moments when you say things, mabey the code wasn't working right, mabey they had trouble squashing a bug. People generally say things in the moment rather than what would be normally said.


During the alpha, I agreed with you on every discussion. When the beta came, I started to have somewhat different opinions than you. Now I want to kill you.

Me AD2001? Or death? If its me then we can have some fun ingame! :)

Edit: Never Mind

Edit: Having a Pessimistic attitude is will not help the game. You do not know the circumstances that the comment was made like time, mood, current issues, problems non game related, and many other things can affect your outlook on things.

Many of the devs absolutely love the game, though thy don't all have to share the same opinion.

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I think that Dr_Death had the right idea, If you want to see the current state of the aircraft physics system then port over one of the jets from Arma 2 (the F35 works best). It's fairly simple to do, and there's some good tutorials.

I personally think that the devs should add some jets, but only if they plan on changing the flight model.

Disclaimer: I do not agree with any of Dr_Deaths's other points.

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i am starting to lose hopes when i see that there are still many things from VBS that could be easily ported into ArmA, yet they haven't been ported.


What things?


What do I do test the flight model if I don't have Arma 2?

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maybe the thing most of the people or at least I ever wanted was to be able to go around the cargo space, wich incluides being able to shoot in cargo space of a chopper, wich incluides being able to take the passanger seat YOU want, and the falling animations that are better there.

and lets not talk about the realistic FOV, being able to be dry inside a ship even below water surface (making possible to make submarines ever since ArmA 1 engine) and the realistic animations and interaction with the aircrafts carriers made there.

In other words, ArmA 3 still barely have ANYTHING VBS made with the ArmA 1 engine.

you can use OA planes or ArmA 1 planes i think, besides, you can still use the Cessna 182 addons

I don't think you guys are correct. (if I am understanding correct)
Porting ARMA 2's planes will not represent the current state of planes.


1)Choppers in the beginning of alpha did not feel anything like choppers in previous ARMA games.

  1. Devs stated that the reason choppers feel different now is because they are implementing actual physics.

SO. Importing planes from ARMA 2 will give ARMA 2 planes, and giving any feed back on ARMA 2 planes will net absolutely no benefit to the current game or community.

We need to test planes from ARMA 3 to be able to give as much benefit and bring as much change to them as we did to the choppers.

You guys seem to forget that Arma 2 didn't have physx but Arma 3 does. This old affect aircraft and likely why we don't see aircraft now because of adding physx to them.

I've tested ported fixed wing aircraft in the @Allinarma Mod. These utilize the A2 flight model and show no different handling characteristics so we do need an Arma3 fixed wing aircraft to test.

Comment to item # 2 on the ticket. Not all aircraft have the ability to climb vertically with no loss in airspeed. Actually very few aircraft can.

I mean that aircraft have had physx implemented in Arma 3 but Physx doesn't work with AllinArma mod.

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Progamer, fake statement, vehicles are affected by Physix

Would love some jets to test in the beta. I think that Helicopters still need a bit off work doing and I would love to be able to Taxi helicopters as well.

I think choppers are veeery close to being great. I wish we could contribute as much to Planes.

Agreed with exxDUDExx.

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and i wish to have TOH controls

Agreed with Dr_Death.

I agree as well with Dr. Death, and Upvote!

Maffa added a comment.Aug 5 2013, 6:48 PM

I feel battlefields are too small to fit or employ a real jet. A Tucano sized COIN turboprop plane could do tho.

True. But I am more concerned with actual flight model versus actual application in BETA

Looking at the game launch equipment list

There are not going to be many jets infant I can only see about 1 I think (excluding drones)

Wow that is very strange. I however heard in one of the podcasts that they are not including jets into beta cause the maps are too small.

Fingers Crossed ;)

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are they fucking kidding me? maps too small? we are bugtesting the game itself, the map already have an airstrip, its enough for me to be able to test the planes, i am not gonna test a realistic combat experience or a dogfight, but the aircrafts should be in, even in small maps, just like in ArmA 2, you could fly maps normally in Utes

Maffa added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 9:22 AM

@Dr death: and this says a lot about how crappy those planes were.

Air warfare involving jets require an "island" the size of South Korea, at least (100.000 square km). This, if you want to create a good flight model and not a shiny and powerful F35 and have it fly like a glider.

I repeat myself: turboprops are ok for these islands.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 4:56 PM

its still stupid to say that, you have an unlimited water space in the map just to practice, what we want its to test flightmodels, not a giant place to make realistic flight excercises or recon

Maffa added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 5:17 PM

Dr Death, this is a simulator, not an arcade game. BIS is not interested in making better vehicle simulation than we already have. Putting jets in Stratis is plain idiocy. The operative speed of a jet is around the speed of sound, and most of its weapons are not "aim and miss" as they are now, but all have some sort of heat/laser/radar guidance that BIS will not provide nor model.

I suspect you dont know a single thing about air warfare, nor AA nor AG. You want to play around with toys you may want to refer to other titles available to the market.

Simpler planes like the Supertucano mean the crappy avionics and flight modeling Arma use for anything from a quad to a blackfoot will work for the most part and can be convincing; the higher the speed and the tech involved, the more eyesore and facepalming the sim will be.

AD2001 added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 5:40 PM


I don't think you understood what Dr_Death said. We just want to test the flightmodel, not the weapons.

Maffa added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 6:03 PM

there is nothing to test because there is no flight model to begin with (yet? at all? im searching it now), and if i may add, they did it right because, as i was saying, a military jet plane in maps big as they are in A3 now make no sense.

i am reading this thread, they are in 2011 so i guess thecloser to 2013 they get the more updated news ill get.

In any case, IMO, if any jet were to be they should be piloted by AIs and coded as much as needed to keep them flying.

AD2001 added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 6:16 PM

How do you know there's no flight model?

Maffa added a comment.Aug 7 2013, 6:38 PM

cos we are in beta and there's no sight of planes, i guess. you place all important tokens in alpha and test and debug them throught beta. no planes till now = no planes.

this is my guess. i will be reading that thread t find any relevant information and then post it here if i find any news.

edit: it seems there will be Aero L-159 ALCA, as well as the Osprey and the YABHON-R UAV: so a trainer monojet, a tilt rotorcraft and, well, UAVs. All these fixed wing planes are in the low-mid range.

If you look at DCS A10 you will see that an Aircraft would make sense on maps Arma 3 offers. Like Altis.

And of course in RL even on an island like Stratis the USA wouldnt want to fight without air support. So ....saying planes do not fit into Arma maps is kind of ridiculous....

Planes won't fit on Stratis? How about Altis?

@Maffa. Do you know what Alpha, Beta Stage means?

Officially this is not a game yet available to the general public. Officially you are here to test things out and help make the game ready for final release.
Now, yes there is no point of Jets on Straits, but again this is not a final release yet. All we want is a test model to fly.


Because looking back at choppers in alpha stage and seeing how far we have come, one but wonders at what state the planes will be on release if we don't provide input and feedback, because input and feedback is what made choppers as good as they are now.

@AD2001. That plane looks siiick! Thanks for the picture. The color looks kind of like a shark :D Hope to see more.

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