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setMass affects how heli control feels, only backwards
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Relation between object mass and ability to control the object is backward.

For example if I make my helicopter weigh 10 kilograms it hardly responds to controls like if it was a 100 tonnes.

But if I make it 100 tonnes a slight mouse move spins it as it was a feather.


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Create empty helicopter in editor
preview and get in
fly up to a reasonable height
open debug console and type

vehicle player setMass [100,0];

observe almost no response to controls. type

vehicle player setMass [5000, 0];

observe crazy response to controls. type

vehicle player setMass [0,0];

observe game freeze.

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Yes it does seem messed up, I set mass using a negative number and the chopper sank into the ground.

Also had the lock up using zero mass.

While freezes aren't a good thing, I have to ask, what exactly did you expect to happen? In real life, objects with 0 mass must always move at the speed of light, and I doubt PhysX would simulate that properly. :P

I expected it to not to freeze.

Maybe it should throw a script exception or simply do nothing (i.e. <obj> setmass 0 should not modify the mass).

The crash seemed to be fixed, however the control response behaviour is the same as reported in the ticket.

Is the game still freezing?

"The crash seemed to be fixed"

There are other issues in this ticket which are not resolved

That's why you usually should make one ticket per issue.

If they start poking around the code of scripting command wouldn't it be more efficient to know all issues with it so they can fix them all at once instead of coming back for more? Tickets get lost, at least here everything is in one place.

Try this, pretty interesting experience:

Get in little bird fly high


(vehicle player) setmass 0000000000000000000000000001

you have now lost control over the heli


(vehicle player) setmass 9999999999999999999999

the heli starts having an epileptic fit