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Kajiman doesn't have PIP versus the Blackfoot.
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Both of these aircraft use digital instruments and for all the talk of balance I'm rather surprised that the kajiman STILL does not have a PIP for the gunner.


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Spawn Kajiman, enter pilot seat, observe no PIP of gunner view.

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It will not be added for the sake of balance.

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And this would unbalance

What? I was say the Kajiman is the child of two aircraft which do not have this feature in real life as far as i know, adding this artifically is not what happens in Arma.

If it is realistic then do not use terminology saying balance is needed but say feature request.

Because it's both...balance itself is not a bad word nor is it a bad thing. It depends on how one goes about that balance.

It was more a poke at the devs for bringing on someone for balancing and occasionally talking about "balance" yet they take both attack helicopters and give only one the ability to see what the CPG is looking at.

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There is not enough screens :P

This is not a "balance" feature but is instead a "feature request".

The devs are hiring a person who will work on balanceing the AI and in that sense making them better. He/She would only be working on AI balance. This is what BIS said after my thread inquiring about the job position sparked huge outrage from various community members.

Oooh I see, so it's AI and not equipment...well that is definately good news. I really don't want the comanche and kajiman to be the same bird, hell I'd be fine if the kajiman employed a less accurate 30mm and the comanche kept its more accurate but not as lethal 20mm. Or if one had more agility in trade of armor and all that stuff, I'm one of the last people that would even ask that equipment be the exact same thing on either side.

Furthermore if we want to talk about realism then technically the screen being used for the pilots PIP is plain wrong. One of the "issueS" that rose up in the apache delta program (and is an "issue" for all digital helicopters with two screens) is that you have so many pages but only two displays.

One goal of the Comanche was to rectify this amount of information by adding more displays. Instead of swapping between flight, engine, map, optics, target, radar, air survivability, status, and much more, you would be able to see most of it in real time (same thing the F-22 and F35 cockpits are designed for)

I highly doubt the military would bother rigging smaller displays up to the optics, not only would it cut down in costs but also makes less sense to have your visual guide in a much smaller space.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.

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