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Green Army IFV (Shuetzenpanzer Puma)
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Since the "Green Army" has no IFV or APC, I think it would be good to implement the Shuetzenpanzer Puma into the game. It has an ATGM launcher, 30mm cannon, 5.56mm LMG, and a grenade launcher. It is a very good vehicle and would add some armor to the green side. I am not saying that the Green army should have an equivalent vehicle to all the opposite factions, I just think that the Green side should have at least one or two heavier armored vehicles for support (IFV, APC, MBT). In reality, this vehicle should be fully in service by 2020. The interior is one compartment so it should be easy to model it. The turret uses a screen similar to that of the Hunter and other vehicles.
Also, it has AP and AT ammunition types.ätsversuchfahrzeug_VS2.jpg/800px-SPz_Puma_Mobilitätsversuchfahrzeug_VS2.jpgützenpanzer_Puma_%28Kampfraum%29_.jpg/800px-Schützenpanzer_Puma_%28Kampfraum%29_.jpg


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The factions don't get updates equally, it's just a matter of time when they'll add it. Upvoted anyway

Updated description & added pictures

Also, keep in mind not every faction has the same vehicle types. For instance opfor has to equivalent of the AH9 or MH9. They should just give the green faction one because the other have one.

This is my Schützenpanzer. It schützs panzers. :P

@ProGamer I will clarify, thank you for your feedback.

Good idea to implement this tank as the Green Army is already using the Strider vehicle which's real life equivalent is called Fenek, however it's actually spelled "Schützenpanzer" or "Schuetzenpanzer" in case the "ü" letter isn't available.

Yeah the green side seems to be using equipment similar to the Bundeswehr or the Italian army.

Only problem with this really is that it currently has 3 crew members and only 6 passengers.

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gutsnav, that's exactly what I dislike about the current vehicles and choppers in ArmA 3, all have 2-4 crew slots and 8 passenger seats. A little variation should be there.

Yeah it should have some variety, or they could just modify the design.

Updated description.

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thats a good idea and maybe make an attack helicopter for the green army too

Updated desc.

matAWG yeah but for now I think a little more infantry support on the green faction would be better.

Remeber that the Green faction or "AAF" Altian Armed Forces are more of the resistance because they were overrun in the campaign. Vehicles they have access to would reflect this especially since I expect that guerilla warfare would be one of the tactics they use.


Altian Armed Forces? Thanks for the explanation of the name. Could you tell me what CSAT means?


I don't think the independents will have an attack chopper.

Quote from the dev called "Moricky":
more sensible imo than a 25 mile island having an advanced military.
Actually, this is the first time in our games when the island is so large it can justify presence of its own defense forces. When designing AAF, we were partly inspired by Armed Forces of Malta, because Malta is island of the similar size and location.

Don't expect AAF to have arsenal of the same size as NATO or CSAT though. It's basically limited to four companies and tiny air wing; for example losing a helicopter will mean your original air force strength is reduced by 10%

All you questions on what the green faction will have are now gone!

Progamer, what questions are you talking about?

What arsenal the green faction has.

Does anyone know what CSAT means? ProGamer, you knew what AAF means, do you know what CSAT means? I really wanna know. :D

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment?

Nevermind, I found it. It's "Certified Sex Addiction Therapist".

The Iranians are addiction therapists? Or is that the Greeks?

The Iranians.

Wonder what it really stands for.

Coalition of South Asian Territories?


Coalition of Southern Arab Territories? Israel is still allied with the US in the storyline, so it kinda makes sense.


Do you even know where Iran is?

Yeah, I guess it kind of is right in the middle of all the countries with large Arabic populations. Generally speaking though :/

Does anyone know if the green faction is going to have armor?

Well, the green faction is the island's army. They do not have the same resources as NATO and CSAT. The green faction is a very small and possibly the resistance because you know CSAT took their island over. The devs said the green faction is based on the Armed Forces of Malta:

Hmm it seems the green side does have an APC/IFV. Can't quite make out what it is, but it looks cool. (PCGames' interview with the game devs)

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Can you give me a screenshot of the APC?

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CSAT, the Canton-Protocol Strategic Alliance Treaty.
Got it from here:
Im new to this forum, sorry if I do anything wrong.

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I think you posted this on the wrong ticket.

Whoops. BW mod has this. Could an admin delete this post please? It's irrelevant.