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SDAR inaccuracy
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I think the SDAR is not accurate enaugh on land with its 5.56mm rounds(not the UW rounds!). So a simple handguns like the P07 are more accurate then the SDAR. I think in comparision of the ammunition the SDAR should be better at ranges up to 100-200 meters.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open the editor
  2. place your unit with an SDAR and a target 100m away from you
  3. shoot with the sdar und the pistol on the target

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thats not my problem, my problem is, that the sdar is nearly unuseble on land

Yeah, it was mine at the beggining and then, the moderator renamed my post, because he thought it was something to do with the ammo, not with the gun.

I realised this the first time on the "Scuba" showcase. after deactivating the mines and going on land I was killed several times, because I couldnt hit the enemys with the SDAR. /upvoted

So, that problem is assigned to someone at BIS, so I think it will be solved a future update

Hi, I've tweaked dispersion of SDAR, so it should be more accurate. Fix will be in next dev branch update.

Thanks a lot!

works fine in devBuild. I tested a reproducible accuracy at 400m! Nice

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