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Allow reverse thrust or backwards movement on ground on airplanes.
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There is a lot of stuff in this military simulator that is not necessarily realistic. Putting in a vehicle that pushes the airplane back is the most realistic approach but we know how BIS probably won't model another vehicle. So a good alternative is letting the "Decrease Thrust" key make the airplane reverse itself only when it is on the ground.

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Yes, real planes can go in reverse - thrust deflectors for jets, adjustable pitch propellers for prop planes.

A feature that aircraft use in real life and a desperately needed feature for people who enjoy aircraft, and for those new player who get stuck on small objects which shouldn't get you stuck.

Please provide some links to real life documentation and videos of this feature to show BIS it's realistic!

Thanks for the support guys! Every time I taxi'd to a hangar in ArmA 2, I was literally in a predicament where I can't go back for no reason! Would be such a cool feature.

why does this matter now? there are no planes yet

Because the developers will most likely overlook this feature.

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Also,Thrust,break and reverse axis should be separated(in A2,Thrust and break are combined)

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I'm for it if the planes actually have reverse thrust but from what I'm seeing it's mostly commercial airlines and the C-17, not so much with fighters and other aircraft.

AD2001 added a subscriber: AD2001.May 7 2016, 3:32 PM

Well, the game is set in the future...

But, actually, since everything in the game is either used or planned/tested today, I'd like to know if there are any jets now with reverse thrust.

Waiting for a dev

I would expect Arma not to use a c-130 but rather something like a C-17.

Except that regardless of future, aircraft follow a design. If the aircraft is not designed with it in mind from the very beginning then the chances of it being added down the line are next to nill.

If there were to make EVERY aircraft have reverse thrust despite not having such ability, IE a jet fighter, similar to BF2, then it would be amazingly arcadic.

Careful people careful !
First their is a small amount of fighter able to do it, the most common is on big plane like C17 or civil like liner -> Airbus/Boeing/TU etc.
Also the thrust reverse is NOT using for make the aircraft go back, it is only using to slow down the aircraft and most of the aircraft must NEVER use the thrust reverse at 0 speed, that why 747 landing video show every time that the thrust reverse is closed way before the aircraft was stopped, something like 70 knot, depending of the aircraft.
So yes for thrust reverse but NO for make it automatically appear to every aircraft including those who don't have it, the sim is already way to much arcade and unrealistic for vehicle, mainly aircraft (both airplane and helicopter), i hope their will have a limitation like damaging engine if use too long at 0 speed for aircraft that should not use it at 0 speed, i don't want to see happy stupid people ruin the game with backward flight using reverse thrust or someone use it for drive around with reverse thrust for 3 hours just for trolling in a serious server...
For aircraft like C17 with reinforced engine able to run on dirt and the C130 with the prop that can do the same and perfect for land on less jet engine friendly environment, yes, but other aircraft no...
I'm not sure about it but -> i think the C17 is made for be able to perform it because it is supposed to land on place that their can be no pushback vehicle, it have to be able himself to do it.
A pushback vehicle/option will be nice for others !
+1 and vote up for this feature but only for realistic implementing.

Will all of the (default) aircraft in Arma 3 be able to do this? If so I fully support it, as long as it's realistic.

@ProGamer, here need just add config parameter!!! For mod makers!
Here not need to bind your mind to some specific planes, just as is, config param can resolve all...

There is no way to get back out of hangars without this.

dezkit added a comment.Sep 3 2013, 8:23 PM


I agree. If reverse thrust is too unrealistic for airplanes, we should at least get a vehicle that attaches to the front of the airplane and pushes it back.

"I agree. If reverse thrust is too unrealistic for airplanes, we should at least get a vehicle that attaches to the front of the airplane and pushes it back."
I'm afraid that won't happen. Bohemia will never model an extra vehicle etc. only for maneuvering planes on the airfield.
Making planes being able to (very slowly) drive backwards on the ground won't hurt anybody. Nobody talks about flying backwards, that would be stupid.

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"I'm afraid that won't happen. Bohemia will never model an extra vehicle etc. only for maneuvering planes on the airfield."

i remember an addon for ArmA 1 added that, but the way it attached to aircraft was SO FUCKING BUGGY it was useless, it only worked with like 1 or 2 planes, so even if reverse thrust for ALL aircrafts is unrealistic, until there are Aircrafts Tows, i have to upvote this

CXN2615 brought up a critical point here (which should be a separate ticket):
Thrust, break and reverse axis should be separated (in A2, Thrust and break are combined).

For airplanes, this is a basic element of flight that is CRITICAL. And it truly NEEDS to be fixed in ARMA 3.

Auto brakes with a reduction in throttle can cause a plane to slow down too much & fall like a rock. Many airplanes can cut the throttle and still glide for a long time, depending on various factors (altitude, airspeed, type of aircraft, weight, etc., etc., etc.)


I think this is something that will never happen. It is a too big of a change to the engine itself. I do not think they would make their engine similar to that of any other flight simulator such as microsoft's fsx.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Sep 4 2013, 2:13 AM

well.... look at BIS, they never added not 3D editors nor the TOH flightmodel we were promised (and also many things) so i dont think they will think about tweaking the engine, not until an expancion come out at least, just like ArmA 2 with OA

dezkit added a comment.Sep 4 2013, 4:10 PM

Well the buzzard just came out and I tested out if you can go backwards and to no avail. So now this ticket is more relevant than ever.

As for separating brakes from throttle, this is a basic element of flight. 1+1. If helicopters were not capable of coming to a hover in the game, would people complain? If helicopters in ARMA could not auto-rotate, would people complain? Well, separating throttle from brakes is a basic element to airplane flight, and it SHOULD be separate.

Look, I'm NOT a fan of total realism. I understand that this sim/game needs to be entertaining. So I'm NOT with the hardcore crowd that always keeps asking for "more realism, more realism, more realism" to the point of disaster.

I understand that this needs product still needs to be light, fun and entertaining, not just realistic to the point of total misery, resulting in low quarterly sales figures. However, some elements of flight are basic. And I believe that separating engine throttle from brakes is one of those things.

It's possible that BIS might never separate engine throttle from brakes for the airplanes in ARMA 3, but they SHOULD. I do not believe that airplane flight modeling in ARMA3 will ever be more than arcadish at best - unless BIS can finally fix that problem.

As for reverse thrust . . . sure. Why not add that too. But I think that large planes are usually backed up via small tow vehicles. Reverse thrust is typically only used to quickly slow down (after the wheels hit the runway) and shorten the landing rollout.

dezkit added a comment.Sep 5 2013, 3:02 PM

Can we get some mod or dev to post in this?

B00tsy added a subscriber: B00tsy.May 7 2016, 3:32 PM

Pls no reverse. I do like the idea mentioned of having a towing vehicle for jets, but I rather have BI working on more important things first.

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Fri13 added a comment.Sep 10 2013, 9:08 AM

I would take vehicle to pull and push jets from hangars instead any reverse thrusting. Even if it would be harder to do and come later in patch.

I believe this should be integrated to the game mechanics as most real aircraft can reverse thrust.

Also someone made a mod to add it but he did not publish it on steam yet and I have not tested the mod

This would also make manoeuvring on the airfield a lot easier.

Adding Towing would be another possible approach.