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Laser designator deployable for JTAC use
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In ArmA 2 being a JTAC was quite inconvenient because of the handheld GTLD II. Painting targets for precision bomb strikes on extended ranges and coordinating aircraft simultaneously is not easy with a brick in front of your eyes.

Now we can't even "lower" the designator or rotate our head independently.

In the real world, they are typically mounted on a tripod, attached to GPS, IR/Thermals and fire control hardware and "fired" either directly or via cable remote. The laser has to be highly accurate on <5km to mark the correct target without sway or tremors by the air controller.

Now my feature request is quite simple: make the Laser designator a deployable device. It could use the launcher slot, so it is not used by everyone (there is no laser code selection to reduce multiple laser designations).

It could possibly made compatible with attachments, thermal scopes, night vision, laser pointers...

You should be able to activate the laser remotely, so it stays on even when you do not look through the optics and can rotate freely to guide in attack aircraft.

I am not talking about the "remote operated" designator in BF3...and the laser does not blind people (well, not visibly).

The laser should create a sound, as the laser is pulsed and encoded, it sounds like a magnetic relay with fast activation sequence.

Would be great if some of the flaws from ArmA 2 could be fixed in this sequel.

The laser is invisible for the human eye and night vision devices. Would be kind of stupid as lasers work both ways (if seen with NODs).

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