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BTR-K top speed too high
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The Kamysh has a top speed of 100 km/h, while the Panther has only 60 km/h. It feels very unbalanced. The handling is way too sharp also.


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In editor, place the 2 IFV-s on Stratis airfield, then take them for ride

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IFV's have generally a top speed of 50-70 km/h on the road. Also, even the 2 APC's are slower in both acceleration and top speed in Arma, which are wheeled and lightly armored. Kamysh looks like it's based on BMBT "Ramka", which has a top speed of 65 km/h

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There is no artificial balance in this game, research the real life version and then report back if top sppeed does not match real life version.

Yeah, im skeptical about balancing, but the speed may be to high. It seems to be based on BTR-D, maybe a future version of it. BTR-D has a max speed of around 60 km/h.

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Yeah, the balancing isn't really important here. But it surely shouldn't be as fast as the Marder and Marshall

I think this is only on paved roads. I haven't been able to get the BTR-K above 65 kmph, even on a downslope, on terrain or dirt roads. I've gotten to around 70 kmph with the Panther.

Handling makes sense because it is tracked though.

70 with a Panther on dirt? I manage only 60 on paved roads.

@ProGamer Yes, but the problem for me shows up on high speeds. I don't really know that much about driving tracked vehicles, but can you make really sharp turns on speeds exceeding 60 kmph? Like 180 degrees with a really small turn radius. It just doesn't feel realistic like the Panther does :/

I like the way a YouTuber put it...

"...This is not a nerf/buff game. It's not WoW. It's a game based on realism. The weapons and vehicles in this game are balanced upon their real life counterparts, not on some "gaming" system. If the real-life counterpart to the "BTR-K" has the specs presented in game, it needs to stay that way in game regardless of whether it's more powerful than the blufor's APC.
War isn't balanced. This is war. Survive. Adapt. Win."

A little harsh, but the point still gets across.

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@copper2010: the operative word being "if". Who knows what a fictional "BTR-K" could do? It may or may not need to be changed... but if something physics-wise "feels" really unrealistic, it probably is.

Another vehicle it was suggested it could be based on, and looks more like, was the 2T Stalker which has a road speed of ~100km/h.

@copper2010 Sure, doesnt mean the devs cant make mistakes. In reality .45acp doesnt instakill when you get shot in the foot, your weapon doesnt suddenly get a burst firing mode if you put a suppressor on, and tracked BTR vehicles arent likely to beat wheeled AMV's in a race on a straight paved surface. Most military apc tracked vehicles seem to be within the range of 50 - 60+ km/h top speed in reality. Most AMV's 100+ km/h

@blackjack.tom Good to see someone finaly found an example for a counter argument, it may very well could be based on it. We'll see if they leave it like it is or not.

I watched some russian documentarys on 2T Stalker, it very much looks like it may be a version of it instead of BTR-D. It seems to have some sorta stealth technology which makes it harder to be detected, but much more lightly armoured which lets it reach higher speeds aswell. Cool stuff.

Yeah, I just want a confirmation from the devs, that this is a feature. Otherwise I'll just become obsessed with it :D. The IFV are buggy and unfinished at this time, so the top speed may also be wrong.

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Kamysh is best stunt tank, had lots of fun with that high speed.

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Haha, yes it is. I have no problems with the speed anymore, now it feels really good. Guess I have to downvote my own ticket ;)

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