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M2A2 Slammer AND Panther IFV too small, Updated ticket
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The actual height of the Namer, which the Panther is based on, is 2.40 meters ~ish. It is certainly below 2 meters for the ingame model. The sizes of the other IFV may be off too, I have not tested yet.

This is the same problem as we had with the M1 back in OFP times, which was eventually changed as far as I can remember. It would be great if these vehicles could be realistically scaled from the outset.

Now with the game released, the Merkava turns out to -also- be too small. Its size is more corresponding to a T-72. These two vehicles need to be upsized significantly. Ingame height of the Slammer appears to be about 2.20 meters, ~40 cm short of its actual height (this is assuming a height of 1.70 meters for the ingame humans.). I didn't do exact measurements, but the sizes are so out of whack it is obvious enough without that.

Picture links below. {F20895} {F20896}


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Steps To Reproduce Namer in the US. Note how tiny the soldiers are compared to the vehicle. Average height for US male citizens is 1.77m. Note the person on the left next to the Merkava. He can't even look on top of the main hull without tiptoeing. The total height of the tank should be 2.66 meters. Georgian T-72. Height of the hull of this tank is slightly lower than the ingame Slammer. Even granting that tankers are usually not as tall as average (about 1.65 ish in the german army afaik), note how the turret alone is almost as tall as the soldier standing in front of it. Another example. Tankers are barely as tall as the hull alone. Following picture of Arma 3 Merkava and Panther to illustrate:

Proportions are correct, both vehicles are much too small however.

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Well.....very hard to decide weather I should vote up or down... I do see a small size difference. It's not really that important, but im gonna vote up since it should be 1:1 in size. A good orientation for the developers would be the lamps. The lamps should be the height of a human head (as seen in the picture)

It´s really not a -major- problem, but it certainly feels a little bit off, especially since I´ve seen MBT's in real life (Leopard 2 and Abrams), and these things are -huge-. The Merkava is even beefier than those, and the Namer makes people look tiny next to it. It is a monster. Size is a major part in being impressive.


I think the Namer ist even based on the Merkeva chassis. Basically, nothing about the 3D model has to be changed in the 3D program itself. Only the size of the model in relation to the game engine has to be changed. I hope its as simple as it sounds.

It really is too small. Place an infantry right in front of the passenger door and you won't have to look twice.

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Well in combat situation I'll prefer to be inside small vehicle,that inside large.
In case of realism they must be large,but look at game in general,futuristic red faction flying on KA50/Mi28/Mi24 hybrid chopper,that doesn't exist in real life.
Same with this HAPC,not sure that so much important,but not critical.There is much more critical points in game IMO,that still not fixed.
Like non-ajustable rocket launchers,lack of driver/gunner/commander interior APCs,new 3d scopes works with NVGs etc.

edit:just forget - bipod :)

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Holy crap that thing is enormous! the tracks are MUCH thicker on the real thing for one, though the sprocket appears to be in the right place in relation to the road wheels so its not track height..

The one in the image above is missing a slatted shape on the bottom of the skirt unlike here vs so they got that right as well..perhaps it is just the overall size of the model.

A way to know for sure is to compare the height of the back door to the A3 character, we can see here

By the way, for the people that say there are more important things, a model change such as this has NOTHING to do with coding like a bipod would. All someone would have to do is open bulldozer, hold a button and mouse then upscale it, do the same with geo lods and move a few vertices in memory.

The Merkava will also be too small ingame if scaled like the Panther. I hope BI will change this, right now the Panther feels like a toy...


"Right now the Panther feels like a toy..." Nah, dont overexagerate. It's just a bit too small. I do want this fixed however ^^

This does need to be fixed.

Looks like BI did a mistake when it comes to sizes, this should really be fixed. +1

All armored seems by far to small...

  1. just stand in front of the back doors and have a good laugh
  2. stand right next to some tanks and think about where you would fit into.. this is very apparent with the MLRS armored vehicles as they dont have any tower...

Im not sure if this size problem is caused by the factor the island is proportioned to the reality while the human models are too big? If the tanks would get bigger there might be problems with them fitting on the streets .. for example, otherwise it should have been quite simple to just scale the moddels up already...

Most likely this is caused by the player character size. Typically crewmen measure around 5 to high 5's, not likely 6's which is what is used standard in Arma. The vehicles can be made bigger to look correct but this introduces other problems regarding road size currently, not to mention animation points would need to be moved again which isn't too difficult but would likely be a bit time consuming for almost EVERY vehicle.

I guess the best solution would then be to downscale the humans a little bit, and upscale the vehicles a little bit. Average western citizens are 5.6 ish, not 6 foot. I think the US American male average is 1.76 meters. 6 foot is 1.82 meters (-very- tall.)

Actually its too small.

Found out where the problem is. Pretty much all height data for the merkava found online is wrong when the MK IV is concerned. 2.66 meters is only for early models of the merkava.

MK.4 is -3,35m- tall. (Edit: 3,36 meters.) I've based this on the conversion from this model:

Small companies producing scale models are usually more reliable than frontpage, broad resources because their whole business is producing models that are accurate to the last rivet, to a demanding customer base.

I humbly request that this be factored in, and the height of the Merkava either be adjusted or the turret replaced by a new, more advanced version.

This is related to, the cargo compartments of most of the vehicles are too small. They feel very cramped and people's heads are clipping the ceiling. Very bad for immersive gameplay.