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Wrong Kill Message when Gunner of a Vehicle shoots a Teammate
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This is just so annoying for Server Admins to reveal the Identity of a Teamkiller, who is inside a Vehicle with others as a Gunner.

While this Teamkiller on the Gunnerseat kills friendlies, it does show the Driver /Pilot being the Teamkiller which is not true.

Admins need to ask permanently who it was. It does slow down the reaction by Admins to this.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get on a Multiplayer Server (Preferably COOP)
  2. Get in a Ghosthawk with a Teammate, 1 guy is flying, the other one is in the Gunner Position
  3. Gunner shall shoot some Teammate
  4. Kill Message pops up but does not show the Gunner's name. Instead, it´s friendly Fire by the Pilot.

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The reason why this happens is obviously because the vehicle commander is considered responsible for what targets the crew engages, and is therefore blamed for the teamkills his gunner(s) cause.

This current system works better with coordinated crew in a ground vehicle, not so well in transport helo with guns manned by random public server players that have attention span and trigger discipline of a common toddler.

That's pretty logic.

But if You shoot someone, YOU killed someone, not the other one sitting at Base commanding.

We're speaking of a Public Server here anyways :P But well, I think it needs to be fixed!

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Also, the commander of a vehicle is usually supposed to be sitting on the gunner seat (if there's no commander seat in that vehicle), and not the driver.

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what i did in my mission is that only group members can access the helicopter (pilot and gunner) and if anyone is teamkilling from the gunner position the leader of the group can expulse the teamkiller gunner from the group which in turn makes the gunner eject automatically from the helicopter

And what if the Gunner shot someone by Mistake? Not a good Solution on Public Servers I guess^^

It does not help monitoring Teamkillers by Admins on the Server!

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It's not the admin but the group leader that is monitoring the team kills. And if a player is using the group's vehicles to team kill then the group leader can kick the teamkiller from the group which in turn prevents him from using any group vehicles.

If the group leader kicked a player from his group by mistake he can recruit him back at any time.

(Search for ToK server for the mission if you're interested)

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This problem isn't just one of "commanders are responsible" (which is not even true in the game because it's the pilot/driver that is named as the killer even if there is an occupied Commander position in the vehicle). This is one where the scoring system is not keeping accurate account of the blame. The behavior was also present in Arma 2 and really should get fixed.

Yes it should be fixed.
Although truly the blame is on commander -the current system doesn't help at all
in a 'generic' PvP scenario for numerous reasons mentioned above.

As hardcore by-the-book mil-sim coordinator this doesn't annoys me at all-because
in a serious COOP scenario the loose-cannon-gunner can (and will) be dealt with
appropriate ways.

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