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MK20 (F2000) doesn't need the vertical grip, needs shrouds, and a new Grenade Launcher
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(1) The MK20 (F2000) doesn't need the vertical grip on the monolith arms forend.. it somewhat defeats the purpose of having the forend installed in the first place. This would be a character modelling change for hand positioning.

(2) The polymer shrouds which surround the optic that are used on the military versions of the F2000 should be optional, and include the BUIS on top of the shroud (like in real life). The sights under the shroud should have either the 1.5x optical sight (black reticle) or a red dot (the C-More railway sight works in real life).

(3) The grenade launcher should be specific to the platform (as the F2000 has its own specific GL attachment in real life).

(4) If a grenade launcher is attached, the polymer range-finding shroud should be optional (and look different from the original shroud). This way, you could do away with the side-mounted red dot precise firing and have the precise launching capabilities integrated into the sight/shroud.


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None. This is both a cosmetic and functional upgrade which is sorely missing from the game if using the MK20 (F2000).

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This would add immensely to realism (as Arma is trying to be specific). On top of that, this is supposed to be in the 2030's, so this will be standard equipment by then.

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So you are talking about the F2000 Standard, not the F2000 Tactical, which is in-game?

Edit: The Foregrip you are seeing in ArmA 3 was photoshopped by Little J from So the guys at BIS fell for that or did this on purpose. There is no real P90 frontgrip for the F2000. Monolith produces aftermarket foregrips, which are normally not fielded. (somehow looks Airsoft with the EOTech magnifier :D)

Sorry for the jigsaw updates, still early over here.

We don't know if the Mk20 is the military variant of the F2000 or the civilian FS2000. The military variant does not have the PS90 (S for Sport) foregrip.

RobertHammer did post the last image of the FS2000 (seen on the box), which is not the military variant, which only comes with the Tactical TR or Standard (opttical gun sight on top) variants.

So either they have to get rid of the PS90 foregrip or make it semi-auto only for the civilian counterpart or leave the realistic aspect out of the game and do the same hack-job I did with this comment.

Monolith arms P90 like tri rail is a real deal - no airsoft /there can be some copy of it tho not sure/

It was mainly used on FS2000 but it is possible to mount it on military F2000 too and also BIS doesn't want to make the gun to be "clean" FN F2000 maybe because of copyrights

As much as I dislike I agree.

Copyright can't be the issue, because of the Rshkosh vehicles :D

Anyway, foregrips and launchers should be an attachment and this would solve so many issues with preference. Of course it would need changes in the animation.

Hi guys, thanks for the replies!

Yes, I'm referring to the polymer shroud which is found on the FS2000 "Standard" version.

From my understanding, there are two F2000's (not counting the FS2000's) currently: the normal version with the shroud and 1.6x optic and the Slovenian version (F2000S) with the carry-handle picatinny rail. Of the two, I think the former would (and should) be the default version in the game as it is the normal military variant. The scopes underneath should be optional -- either the 1.6x with a black reticle, or a red dot (since the c-more railway actually fits in real life). To top it off, the top of the shroud actually has BUIS molded in, so the user could switch back to that if they so choose.

One reason I think this would be beneficial in this simulation is because if there is any mud, dirt, rain, or debris which can be kicked up onto the scopes or added as such as a mod in the future, the shrouded units should be immune to that. With that being said, the user should have the ability to remove the cover if needed, and replace the scope accordingly with whatever they so choose.

The optional system would be the Fire Control System which was created along with the launcher.

I think this would be a great optional system since it would fit directly in with the 2030+ timeframe, and nothing right now really shouts 'advanced'. This could replace the standard micro dot which is now on all of the default launchers.

As for the MK20 in beta, it's an oddball system. It is a FS2000 'Tactical' with a 18.5 inch barrel, monolith arms foregrip w/vertical rail, reciprocating charging handle (wrong), and a rather odd paint job. I don't know if the developers are having issues with using real names, but there is no denying this is supposed to model an F2000. Heck, even the placement of the logo and writing/serial numbers are in the same place!

Overall, I think that this is a military sim and everything is trying to be as accurate as possible, the F2000 should be modelled as such.

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