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Option to switch between "automatic" and "manual" gear shifting
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Add the option to switch between the curent automatic gear shifting and manual gear shifting, because the curent automatic shift the gear at far to low rpm. Yes its fuel saving but if you really want to get away you dont care about this.
I know you want get away from the crazy Arma 2 acceleration but the current acceleration and hillclimb ability of some vehicles is far to low (IFVs).
Also it can make driving more interesting, challenging and rewarding for people, with adding a gearshifting mechanic similar to that of a racing game. That would give some players a opportunity to really show what they pull off as a driver.


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Just drive a car and watch/listen to the rpm/gear shifting (especially uphill).

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With just adding "gear up" and "gear down" in the controls(maybe additional adding "clutch", if you really want to max out the potential here), but I dont know what you have to change, or add to make it work.

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Yeah, this. right now going uphill with an apc is a pain. At least beeing able to shift between a high and low gear, instead of the current forward and forward fast would be nice, since fast doesn't seem to do jack on anything steeper than a slope.

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I would also like to see something like this. I sometimes play racing games with a logitech G25 steeringwheel and it would be nice to use that in Arma 3 to further enhance the experience.

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