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arma 3 is not compatible with any 3D stereo glasses
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Arma 3 is not compatible with any 3D stereo glasses, for example with the longest existing on the market Nvidia 3D Vision.

Most current Nvidia driver now has new entry in stereoscopic settings for arma-3, with rating "not recommended". Many other games are still playable with this rating, while arma-3 unfortunately is unplayable completely, all objects rendered with same gray color.

With single videocard nvidia gtx780 i am actually able to use 3D stereo in all compatible games (like Warthunder) at triple-monitor wide screen resolution of 5760 x 1080 x 120Hz, which is better that anything else on the market (exept that head tracking is not build in).

Arma-2 has decent support for 3d stereo, so with such amazing renderer in arma-3, please add the compatibility with 3D.


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always and with any settings in arma-3 graphics settings.

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but personally i'm not interested unless its proper standard support for side-by-side full frame 720p60 or 1080i60. Hopes for 1.4b 1080p120 are slim (or finding a card one could afford that would run arma at _any_ of those rates!)

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being a coder in the past i would guess that if coders will optimise rendering for stereo, it will help with any devices, be it nvidia active, ati passive or oculus rift.
Also interesting that it was announced that any game supporting directx 11.2 is going to be compatible with stereo by default. Finally after all these years.

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Closing as duplicate.