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lack of "command menu - action options" to quickly setup the gear for AI units
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Check the attached screenshot to see a situation with many ammoboxes but no possibility to tell the AI to go to a specific ammobox (weapons crate, grenades crate, etc).

The "inventory" action will make AI get close to the Inventory of a nearby ammobox (but impossible for the player to determine what that is).

The "rearm at" action doesnt work because AI cannot "pathfind" between the ammoboxes.


  • the inventory option should allow the player modify his AI unit gear even if there is no ammobox/vehicle around (drop items on ground or take items from backpack and add them to weapon like silencers, optics/etc)
  • add additional "inventory" options that would be called sth like "inventory at grenades ammobox", "inventory at transport truck" (the AI would then get close to these objects and the inventory menu of this AI unit will be displayed for the player)
  • modify the rearm action so instead of opening the inventory menu of the unit will make the unit automatically take whatever magazines it needs for its current weapons (actions could be sth similar to the inventory action: "rearm at grenades ammobox", "rearm at transport truck") {F20828}


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move ai to the crate you want to take gear from, then the most priority command (first in menu) is the right one for you

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this issue is fixed with the virtual arsenal
this ticket may be closed

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