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-world=empty launch parameter causes map lights to not render
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If you launch the game using -world=empty like I do to save some seconds getting into the game, and if the first mission you load is at night time then you will not see any map lights turned on. {F20811} {F20812} {F20813}


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Steps To Reproduce


DL repro mission
Put launch parameters: -world=empty
Drive to Mike-26
Observe no lights on

(if you want to test further)

Restart the mission
Drive to Mike-26
Observe the lights are on 2nd time around

(restart game if you want to re test this issue from step 1 again)



Make sure -world=empty is removed from your launch parameters
Load repro mission
Drive to Mike-26
Observe that the lights are on

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I use a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti

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I had a friend test this issue and he doesn't get the same problem.. So I don't know what it may be then. Anyone have any other ideas?

Edit: He has an AMD card

I'm in bed ready to lay my weary head, so I can't test this right now, but I definitely experienced this at one stage. Not sure if it was with my previous or current PC. The mission I noticed it on was the Special Ops night time Showcase mission where you have to create distractions. I was testing various video capture programs and settings for night time/fog capture quality so I was loading the game and playing the start of the mission over and over and I noticed this, however I thought it just a random occurrence at the time. If I remember and have the time I'll give it a test in the next couple of days. But I can confirm I've seen this even if I can't yet corroborate the cause.

I didn't notice any difference. GTX 670, 3770K. All graphics settings maxed out, SMAA only, caustics off, vsync off, blur off, bloom off.