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Helicopter Startup not correct.
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Even do not a big issue i always notice(also in previous arma) That when you start a helicopter halfway trough the enging starting sound you can fly away.

You should not be abble to that.
Also it would be nice to see some hand animations during start up as in pushing buttons) IDK if that needs to be in seperate tickets.


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GO editor -> Spawn playable pilot(or other) -> Place empty helicopter -> start mission -> Get in heli -> Pres q and keep it pressed -> Listen to the engine start up sound while flying and after a second or 2 the engine stops and the 'normal' arma in flight sound take over.

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This is now a config element listed in a previous dev build notes:
"Helicopters: startDuration config parameter added"

Could just increase this to achieve the result.

If they make a mini ToH within A3, this might happen, else rather not.

Please read in #9786 about the reasons.

Well if you want to make a simulator then id suggest looking into most details and perfecting them.