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Texture of small walls inside "Military Offices" is smaller than the actual object itself
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The screenshot will explain the most on this issue by the way.
I noticed that the texture of the small white walls inside the "Military Offices" building is actually about 20 centimeters smaller than the actual object itself, meaning that when somebody would "high crouch" behind the wall and fire a weapon the bullet would hit invisible wood floating above the wall even though there's nothing visible infront of the muzzle.

  • One military office building is located at the Kamino Firing Range,grid[064053]
  • Notice the crosshairs and the smoke in the screenshot, you can see that there's something invisible infront of the muzzle as the bullet hits something invisible above the wall. {F20796}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get any weapon.
  2. High crouch behind the wall. (Crouch, then CTRL+W for higher crouch)
  3. Notice the crosshair hitting some invisible object/Simply shoot and notice the bullets hitting something invisible above the wall.

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