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AH-99 Blackfoot - able to start engine during embark animation, neck stretching in disembark animation
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When entering the AH-99 Blackfoot, the player is able to start the engine while they are still getting into the cockpit. When getting out of the AH-99 in 3rd person, you can see the player's neck stretch when using freelook. {F20774}


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Steps To Reproduce

Get in a AH-99 Blackfoot press Q to start the engine while you are in the embark animation.
Notice how the player is able to start the engine when they are not even at the controls.

Get out of a AH-99 Blackfoot, look around with ALT in 3rd person.
Notice how the player's head stretches when jumping out.

use "accTime 0.25" to better see this effect.

Additional Information

Screenshot below demonstrates the extreme neck stretching of this bug.

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