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User Texture Objects (5m and 10m) are Illuminated as if by Sunlight when in Shade or Inside Buildings
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Essentially, the User Texture objects are too bright when inside buildings or in the shade. If the overcast slider is at 100% this is not an issue. However, if it is daylight, User Textures are always at their brightest. {F20769} {F20770} {F20771} {F20772} {F20773}


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Place a User Texture indoors in the editor on a clear day. It should be far too bright. Slide the overcast slider to 100% and it will be at the appropriate brightness for its location.

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Perhaps there is a script which I can use to darken user textures in full sunlight?

Please, which object are you using for this?

I am using the 10M User Texture. The same occurs with the 1M User Texture. The User Texture object is listed under 'Helpers' (I think).

If you need more screenshots or information please give me a shout.

In the following DEV(tommorow) should be fixed...

That's fantastic news! I'm making a mod for Stratis, and I've covered the island with User Textures... so, thanks so much!

This has been labelled as fixed....

I recommend this is regressed/re-tested and confirmed so this ticket can be closed.

I'm afraid that while in some places, and at some times of day, the User Textures are still too bright. This seems to occur mainly inside buildings. For instance, a User Texture in a building at 10am may be ok, but at 1pm it will become ultra bright...

Also, if any User Textures are placed facing upwards, they will be ultra bright when placed inside buildings.

The most recent of the images uploaded here shows that some User Textures are remaining ultra bright in the Dev build.

Night-time is fine - no problems at all. Just during the day, when the sun moves, User Textures inside buildings are lit too brightly. Otherwise, it's all perfect!

Now it's fixed (dev ver.0.77.108906)

Beautiful Redstone, I'll be sure to check it out - thanks ever so much!

Not sure if this is related to the changes made here but now all the transparent areas of the .paa files are black. I've opened a separate ticket: 0012771.

Heya - sorry to say it, but despite 90% of the User Textures being fine, some are still showing up too bright at certain times of day, inside buildings. I've attached a screenshot. If you like, I can send you my mission file. As you can see from this link of mine, the User Textures are a wonderful feature and are really being utilised!

The latest screenshot shows the .paa at full brightness. When the sun moves it darkens to the correct level and other User Textures are brightened.

should be resolved

Mass-closing resolved issues updated only last year - assuming fixed correctly.