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Smoke grenade and exploded vehicles (smoke) hard impact on performace
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Throw two or more smoke grenades and performance torps very bad.
Same problem with destroyed cars, just one car that´s destroyed can make a real bad playing experience, with just 15 to 20 fps. It´s even an impact on single player and in multiplayer i got 5 to 10 fps sometimes.


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Throw two or more grenades and/or destroy a car. Singleplayer or Multiplayer

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Unable to reproduce.

I have a slight performance impact, but it's negligible.

/didn't vote

i think we need more details about what hardware (cpu, gpu) and game video settings before voting

personally my computer bogs too, but with quite a bit more than 3 smokes (i5 3.2ghz OC, radeon 7870 also OC). just remember that particle effects are demanding by nature; your settings could be too high, or computer not powerful enough...

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Informationsliste Wert
Computertyp ACPI x64-based PC
Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate
OS Service Pack Service Pack 1
Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421
DirectX DirectX 11.0
Datum / Uhrzeit 2013-07-11 / 09:43

CPU Typ QuadCore AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 955, 3600 MHz (18 x 200)
Motherboard Name Asus M4N98TD Evo
Motherboard Chipsatz nVIDIA nForce 750a/780a/980a SLI, AMD K10
Arbeitsspeicher 8192 MB (DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM)
DIMM1: Transcend JM1333KLN-8GK 4 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 MHz)
DIMM2: Transcend JM1333KLN-8GK 4 GB DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (8-8-8-22 @ 609 MHz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 MHz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 MHz)
BIOS Typ AMI (04/14/11)

Grafikkarte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 (1572544 KB)
3D-Beschleuniger nVIDIA GeForce GTX 480
Monitor PnP-Monitor (Standard) [NoDB] (190916843009)

I like how double languaged this is:P annyway you have a beast system. Im jallous but I run on dell xps L502z Intel I7 quad 2.5 GHZ turbo boost 2.7 Ghz 8GB DD3 ram 1TB HDD and a crappy Nvidia Geforce GTX 550M.... I get 50 FPS and 30 when blowing up 40 PLus cars with 100 AI strolling around on medium settings. I have no idea what could cause FPS issue's like yours. Try updating Nvidia drivers. I updated mine and the preformance got boosted by 10% your GPU prob gets Preformance boost of 20% atleast thats what they're site says but so far it actually was true.

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throw out your old nvidia wooden card... and stop crying, please

Yep now that Kol9yN mentiont it your GPU is old. Get a GTX 650 superclocked. Its cheap and powerfull.

dont need a new GPU. Smoke needs to be optimized. Arma utilizes more cpu than GPU.
This problem exists since Arma 2 for me.

DOnt blame arma on this one. Tons of people run this game decent you are the only one that has such fps issue's by trowing 1 or 2 smoke grenades or blowing up a car.. This is clientside issue. I know arma should be optimized better but you should also consider upgrading your hardware.

30 fps!?!? Smoke needs to be optimized! :) Tons of players have the same problem with Smoke. Especially in muliplayer there is a big impact.
650 TI is slower in some fronts but has a higher core speed then your 3 year old 480. In theorie the 480 is quicker but outdated with today's drivers UNless for the 650 who is still up to date.

My GPU is ok. Game needs to be optimized more in imo.
Same drivers for both GPU´s.

Not tons of players have YOUR problem dropping frames under 10.... And trust me when i say your GPU is outdated. Its not a big difference with the 650 but price and power usage already is one massife improvement. Not to mention the 650 is comp with the newest software and hardware. Most of these people that have these issue's give specs and run out 3 year old cards. And some even run on ATI AMD cards..

Believe me it won't change anything, if i buy a new card now. We have to w8 for the final product. Performace will get better. OPTIMIZATIN is the cue. And i wouldn´t buy a new GPU just for lower power consumtion.

NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN.. sorry had to that. Well its true they're CPU and GPU utilization today is crappy. But having FPS drops that hard from just such little amount of particles is somthing clientside aswell. You must understand that they keep updating Nvidia Physx every little month aswell for the drivers. Your system is bout 1 and a half year old so go figure how much updates they're have been and how of the chart you are. Its both sides that have to realize they have to optimize they're systems for better preformance.

the drivers are alle the same from titan to gtx 280. even 8000 series have the same drivers.
If you update them.

The hardware is good enough for good performance, so nothing is wrong there (I even played A3 with a 9800GT and it was perfect!)

You do might want to play with the graphical settings until it's stable (40 FPS in SP) where several smoke grenades only drop 5 FPS.

It's true that A3 still needs optimalisation, but currently all you can do is lower the settings and play smooth instead of beautiful.

i just wanted to say that there is an optimization potential.(Smoke)

Just check the link and se for yourself. Most aspects that are vital (shader processors clock speed enc) 480 is outdated Its not about weather updates are for your cards its the fact that Nvidia optimized newer cards for new games engines motherboards enc. The old ones are good i wont dis agree with that. But the simple fact 650 is faster and more optimized for newer systems and newer games already says enough. Like i said before Bis should optimize by clients should 2. You cant expect one of the newest games to run good on a 3 and a half year old Card by only new updates... thats just imposible.

And ?? i dont se annything regarding the 480.

you have to read, it´s all in there. gtx 480 is most of the time above the gtx 650. not much but she is.

Ok so heres the thing. They are comparing cards by how they are seposed to be. 650 is seposed to be worse then 480 but lets look at the facts. YOu can have a card that has a high bandwith super duper ram and other funny facts. Buts if your Clock speed is slow it just wont happen. The 650 on the otherhand has a lower bandwith less ram but clock speed shader cores enc are higher then the 480. I'M telling you the 650 is OPTIMIZED! onless like the 480 where they just wanted to see how much they could put in a card. If you look at what people say the 650 is better because of its optimazation unless for the 480 who for its priced is just a old brick. Ofcourse some sites will say 480 is better because they get payed to do so people buy that thing for 3 times the prices then the 650. And trust me i ran a 650 and 480 together side to side and the 650 just does it all better. The 480 is nice but its not gona take a while for it to just become to outdated.

Wait. You actually said the problem exist from arma 2? its defenetly your system then. run the game on low thats all i can say. I mean arma 2 is not optimized but btter then arma. Also it has les particles then A3.

the GTx 480 performs beter in Skyrim, Bettlefield 3, Anno 2070 aso...
And you want to tell me that the 650 is better, because of ram and core clock. NO WAY MAN.

Anno 2070 | Battlefield 3 | Crysis 2 | Dirt 3 | Max Payne 3 | Metro 2033 | Skyrim

Thats what the website say? Ofcourse they say the 480 is better its 10 times more expensive. Have you ever tested both these cards? 650 is better. Cheaper quiter less power better speed. Get bf3 bout 50 to 70 FPS when maxed out on 650 and on the 480 we got 40 to 50 with slight drops here and there. But yes do what seems fine for you but im telling you better start investing in some upgrades while they still are cheap.

waiting for the final realese off the game.

I noticed that you are running at something like ~1800x1000, and a custom aspect ratio:

  1. have you tested with one of armas default ratios? 2) have you tried lowering your res to see if performance increases?
  2. have you changed ANY other settings in that file?

Otherwise looking at your settings, I'd say you have something else going on, maybe too much crap running in windows in the background?... BTW particle effects would be GPU, not cpu.

Edit: plus, your screenshots show fps never dropping below 40, which is still good. I'm inclined to down vote...

I have a GTX 660ti (non-overclocked) and I have everything on ultra. If there aren't ten smoke grenades in about 10 m2, I never get below 30 FPS.

^proving my point: UPGRADE YOUR HARDWARE!

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Don't only look at your FPS when claiming bad performance. My fps does drop about 20 fps when having two smokes and exploded car but my GPU usage was 99% already when there was no smoke. Please, check your GPU usage on same scenario. If it is over 90% already when there is no smokes then you can except fps drops when throwing smokes. GPU can't magically have more performance when there is even more GPU heavy stuff on screen.

it all comes down to online gameplay. if many thing are goning on on the server and your fps are at 20-30 than your fps trop under 15. that´s why i broad this subject up, to get better performance wenn alot of stuff is going on on the map. A not so havy hit on performace with smoke from grenades or cars would help allot i think. And wouldend we all benefit from that? No matter what GPU!

I run on a Nvidia GTX 550M its a laptop GPU and it sucks ass. I have 30 to 40 FPS while on MP 30 to 50 FPS on single player. I never have FPS drops accept when i run 100 AI's. Either Upgrade hardware or clean system. So far as i know neither the people i play with Have massife FPS issues either Single player or MP as you desribe above. And as you are saying only gameplay? Change the title and cathahory

If you play online with 25 or more players, this will have an hard impact on all systems. Even with a Titan in your System. Because it isnt optimized at the moment. All im saying is that Smoke of cars and grenades is a good starting point for optimation as well. Dont forget if there 20 destroyed cars and someone is throuing some smoke grenades then every system gets under 30 fps. What i want is a fluid gameplay even with 60 or more players. They should make an option for smoke rendering. You can play with eye candy but you dont have to.

And AI is a good point to. If you play CTI every one will have AI on the battlefield. So there needs to be a server optimization to, in therms of who computes AI. Server or Client. I think more work should be on servers side.

NO NO NO AND NO!!! I KEEP TELLING YO U AND DONT HAVE THESE ISSUE's. Seriously you think everyone has these issue's bc posts like this get 100 upvotes. Me and my friends play (+-30 people) allot of a3 doing large (+-30 VS 100 ai including 20+ vehicles) whit out hard impact at all. Also i do not own a TITAN gpu. I own a 550M witch is the crappy GTX 500 laptop series (ITS the vista of GPU's).

I play online alot and everytime i ask someone, what kind of fps they get, the always have the same or worse fps. So dont tell me ist all fine on this part.

Its most of the time the logic i smell in people. I do know the utilization is bad and that fps can get bad. But seriously some people run it maxed out and complain about bad fps. If you know the game is not optimized at its time run it on normal or low and dont make posts about bad fps every 12 seconds.

With my settings and options i play fine most of the time but it gets shitty if smoke is involved.

Then you are not fine. Try turning down view distance anti thingy enc(also turning on Motion blurr and bloom effect will help(trust me it worked for me)) I run everything ad medium up to high whitout massife lag spikes with explosion. I actually tested a couple of day ago the effect of helicopter wind's on smoke with 20 Exploding cars. THen i tested the effects of a helicopter going full speed crashing into a group of cars (10 explosions 30 vehicles 1 crashing/rolling and burning helicopter) my fps dropped by 10 but still was at 20/25.

its your system then. I mean i have Overal to middle object middle shadows 1/3d
Sampling 100 Textures standard i think
Objects high
Terrain low (im not looking at the ground now am i)
Shaddow low (they are glitched some shaddows are broken)
Particles high
clouds high (ultra is a fps sucker)
pip high
HDR high
Dynamic lights ultra
Display windowed
res idk
Aspect custom
Vsync high i think
Interface small
Bloom max radial blurr max rotation blur max depth of field 10 i think idk
ANso filtering off (its fairly useless in beta)
FSAA (lowest also useless at beta)
Atoc disabled
PPAA off (Not usported on windowed)
Anso off (ALso useless in beta)
I run at 30 to 50 whitout anny drops. Even do my fps is 20 lower then yours its worth giving these settings a shot since me and a friend of mine do not have fps drops (Unless cluster fucking a map)
IDK what else and why preformance is so different on 2 compleetly different systems WHIle
Mine is worse then yours..

Ok, so we are both fine on optimizing the game? Than lets start with smoke! :)

Vsync should be off or on. Recomended is off imo.

"Than lets start with smoke!"? Show me some pics of ur frames facing a smoke screen.

I didn't vote but I think it's true. I worked hard and have a price for a Titan, the game autodetect graphic's option to ultra, everything is on ultra, normal for a powerfull card. Now in showcase combined arms the game run nearly 30 fps, 60 lot of time for others mission ( my screen is locked to 60 fps ), and in this one can drop nearly 20 fps, not normal for high end specs.
I changed all my computer two, got a intel i7 3770, 32 g RAM and a very good motherboard.
It's true that the game engine is not optimized at all, I don't set view distance to max or others things, just let the autodetect.
And it's not with 100 AI, so imagine...
I bought my computer especially for A3 ( hard work for it ), normally with spec like mine you can set all on ultra, but there's drops sometimes...
We want more PhysX, but there's no hardware acceleration, CPU and GPU aren't utilised at full charge.
So it's true there's a big prob of optimisation...

THX! Plutoto74
Edit: He Plutoto could you try Planetside 2 for me its free to play. And i want to know what your fps are in this game?

Edit:Edit: I have read that two 660ti in sli perform better than one titan and they are much cheaper. Dont konw how they perform in Arma though.

No problem Sir, I'm here to serve the Community...

I download it but didn't try for a long time, I prefer A3, not same game at all. I will try and update you...

As far as i know everyone has different problems with the engine of arma. THey should stop working thoes little bugs and put all power in fixing the engine.....

true! thumbs up.

Its weird do. THe one (like me) can run this game perfect almost maxed out whitout FPS drops no crashes enc, on a system that should not be abble to do that. Other people with systems 10 times better then in this case me have so much issues it wants almost wants to make you ask for refund.. Really weird engine the guys at bis put to gether..

This time they should polish the engine. The visuals can be made later. Multiplayer is a juge aspect of the game and should run nicely i y a m.

IK. I like how they say they want to fix the engine but all the change log shows is bug fixes.


With Titan on PS2 I've got 60 fps, that the max of my TV screen with all options to the max but not the motion blur that I hate. With the effects it's moving quietly, no problems...

thx for testing Plutoto. A good system you got there for shure.

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