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Head Yaw has no limitation inside vehicle with FreeTrack
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There is some limitation that you can't see some 60 so degree behind you, but if you keep turning your head, the head jump to another side of yaw,and continue yaw. sometimes you can even turn your head for 2~3 circles.
This only happen inside vehicle with freelook. whatever as Pilots,Drivers,Gunners or Passangers.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Use FreeTrack(not sure if it's for TrackIR as well);
2.inside a vehicle with freelook(like pilots)
3.Turn your head(yaw) as far as you can(add some some sensitivity if needed);
4.see your view in game keep turnning and jump form side to side at back.

Additional Information

It's very annoying when I try look back left only to find My view jump to the right back. Reduce sensitivity doesn't help because you will need to push to the limite sometime.

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