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Dynamic interaction with players and objects.
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Player and player:
The ability to push and pull people could be really helpfull if you are playing with newbies. I used to play with clans where i found myself fighting between people that would get shot because they werent into hard cover. Would be nice to Pull them back or push them into some cover.
Dragging of crates pushing of other stuff.

Things like bikes and or ATV's can be put back up

NOTE: This feature should be added as module so it can be desabled by mission makers that dont want people to tro.ll


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Bohemia added a subscriber: xan.Jul 10 2013, 8:22 AM

I'd definately agree to that specially for a man down kinda scenario, should be easier to get someone out of harms way, near a critical amount of health.

I'd say boost health about 25%, and make last 25% critical, you fall over and aren't doing well, under that circumstance other players can drag you etc

For injured players, yes, but for normal, fighting people, no.

Thatd be like the notorious flyhack, it could be abused to push people INTO the line of fire, mess up their aim, grief hard. THAT would be a no go.

But for wounded units, yes - its already easily scriptable inside the map, but a vanilla option would be handy.

But my take is, that the injury module is/will be included anyways, like in Arma 2, which adds the option to heal them, maybe it can be expanded to allow dragging/carrying (again, piece of cake code to do).


Could be added as module for clan editors. Only used for when you play with people you can rely on or CO-OP missions where people that mess up by trolling get banned.

Player AND object, we must be also able to move so object that, put a quadbike back on his 4 wheels and push boat, push a small (or light weight) object that stuck the way inside an house or a building or any other kind of manipulation.

About player to player interaction, possibility to flatten ground someone (for avoid him to get shoot, kill by grenade or explosion or even save him from a mine), drag or carry people (wounded or legs broken people) or just gently push or even combat interaction that allow to push hard.
Help someone to walk by taking his arms on our shoulder, or take him by the arm to drag/push him into a cover.

MOAR people and environment interaction, something better than just open a door, possibility to move things like Skyrim (for example) !

arziben added a subscriber: arziben.May 7 2016, 3:24 PM

should be added as a script, not as vanilla, too much risk of abuse in multiplayer servers

otherwise it's a good idea

Or possibility to disabled it from server side...
Script or mods mean a really poor multiplayer compatibility, if its a mods cause of the actual way the game and server handle it we are forced to disabled a bench of mods everytime we come in a server and if it is a script we are limited by only the server who use it.
Maybe if the devs want to use this king of mods system :
Yes, it will automatically disabled it for server that don't use it.
And again it will still highly limited by the fact that the server admin know or want or not this mods.

Less mods and script we have and more vanilla feature we can get and better it will be, mainly if we can disabled it for single player (bots must use it) or multiplayer (from server admin).

@Demongornot no I meant a vanilla script toggleable by server, so basically the same as your idea

You guys mean a module called: Dynamic interaction.

Maybe as a script, but being able to push actively fighting players around would be too easy to abuse. Being able to move objects however would be nice.

A module! Not a script. Just a module that enables this feature. And then some params yo ucan change (Power if pushing of players is enabled enc). Also this is more one of thoes features for clans or people that play serious.

Can be related to this one : and this one
If devs accept my idea of new action system that allow us to use clickable menu + possibility to interact with environment with open/close door, vehicle interaction and more and possibility to move object directly with mouse.

Maybe we can hope to have a STR game system for AI control using multiple unity selection with mouse drag in commander view or with this idea.

i HOPE. i MEAN THEY finaly implemented a decent physics system.

MadDogX added a subscriber: MadDogX.May 7 2016, 3:24 PM

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