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Helipads in wrong section on editor..
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hi all,

i noticed that the helipad, helipad invisible etc... are in the EMPTY, SIGNS category...???

surely these should be in "Objects" like all the other times?


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go on editor
place unit (you)
go to empty
objects signs
see helipad etc....

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anyone agree?

Yes but low really low priority. and what are helipads usefull for if AI wont land at them in combat envoirment.

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But they are signs, though something invisible is not an object or anything really which confuses things slightly, while the visible one replicates white painted marks in the same way white lines/arrows etc painted on a road do, it requires an actual physical object beneath it like the ground which it conforms to.

BTW, they are useful, as using heli transport support, the AI will defer to the nearest heli pad within <500m if the player marks an imposable landing location and there is no suitable flat place the AI can find within ~100m OR there are enemy firing at the location, by adding invisible heli pad the AI will land in hard/tight places even under fire and don’t then just end up in a perpetual stationery hover.

Well the invisible ones are objects only whitout a texture allowing the engine not to render them making them invisible. they are just a pathnode that allows AI to land on. Annyway this is not such big deal. They are there they work thats why you should prioratize them low.

Bout the they are useless. its semi true since AI only lands on them when not in a combat zone or taking heavy fire. The mmoment AI figures there are enemys close they will not land even if the waypoint says careless. Look it up there is a ticket about this issue has yet to be solved.

I have no problems getting them to land in combat zones under heavy fire using called heli transport support (NO WAYPOINTS other than for player), using invisible heli pads is the only way to avoid perpetual hovering.

The AI logic seams to be:
Can I land at the point the player has marked as a LZ or am I under fire there, if not >

Can I find a relatively flat place to land clear of obstructions within ~ 100m of the place the player has marked and am I under fire there, if not >

Is there a heli pad within <500m, if so it WILL land regardless even if under fire, if not >

Enter a perpetual hover.

Yes But heli transport is some needly little function. People that make large useless insertions (Like me) With over 10 helicopters just want to be abble to palce WP that makes helo's land on INV helipads. Dostop Helicopter;Helicopter "GET OUT" not the get out means helo hovers kicks everyone out and then ghoes away. This works whitout anny enemys around. But the moment there are (Even on waypoint careless) its ghoes in your perpetual hover.

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Mass closing ancient tickets with no activity for > 12 months; assume fixed or too trivial.

If this issue is still relevant in current dev build, please re-post.