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Snipers uses secondary weapon instead of his sniper at far ranges
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Most of the times when i play with AI snipers the character uses his pistol instead of his primary weapon, even at far distances. The AI has enough ammo so thats not the problem.
On a distance of 300 meters the AI took his pistol and was entirely useless and got killed.


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Play some missions with snipers.

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I have also observed this. I have put three snipers from Blue force under my command, they have primary weapon and ammo. When they have enemies located(I can't exactly precise which action triggers this), they switch to secondary weapon.

If you order them to shoot at even very far located targets(More than 300 meters), they shoot their silenced pistol.

I have also tested this with Green army snipers.

Thank you.

This bug deserves more attention,

I have also noted that they not only use their secondary, but also tend to lower it and alternate between weapon raised and weapon lowered.

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I think the only thing you can do at the moment, is to remove their pistol (This removeweapon "hgun_P07_snds_F";). If they only can use their sniper rifle they are very good. But don't have much ammo


Thanks, I will use that command as a temporary solution.