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Fading PiP in vehicles
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When in vehicle you look at the monitor that uses PiP rendering it fades after a couple of seconds or when look around. For better explanation look at the screenshots. {F20737} {F20738}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get in car or heli with PiP monitors.
  2. Turn the turret in any direction and then turn it back to it's default direction.
  3. Compare the brightness of image before turning the turret and after.

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This is due of auto contrast TI - since OA same thing

only real fix would be to control that screen - like in vbs2

Yes it seems I am having this exact issue, I do not know what is causing it and it is quite frustrating. Especially since as you can see it makes it almost impossible to see what my gunner is aiming at past 400m. Any manual fix for this would be appreciated.

Currently I have windows 7-64 bit , gtx 560 ti and a I3-2100 cpu.

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Auto contrast and yeah, I've been yammering on about this for ages.

REeeeeeaaaally hoping they change this at some point because it reeeaally takes away from the feature of thermal PIP as a whole, not to mention tosses an unrealistic imbalance in that you can see people and vehicles perfectly but nothing else appears hot.

Ah, thank you for that NodUnit.

Hey NOdunit! I came here to post this link too^^

I so badly hope they make the thermals more realistic AND FUN TO USE.

Because yes, as it is its basically a texture hack. I would understand if it would stay like a texture hack if it would display the real life but it doesnt!

In the link posted by NOdUNit you will se many many examples that prove that thermals while beeing a great help for spotting dont give away people as easy as in Arma III.

WE even have a comment of a real time thermal user


"I personal spend 3x6 month on peace keeping missions i know pretty well how thermal/ir and night vision look like, it is not a magic "weapon".. And it is not like arma 3 or any of the above photos/tweaks that people suggest. Non of the systems are that good in real life. "

So I suggest you guys go click on that link and tell BIS that we want thermals that are fun to use for everyone (also for the guys not having it) AND are realistic.


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