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Neck shot is not a kill?
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I set up a mission sort of thing in the editor just so I could refine my sniping skills and I got a hit directly in the neck and all the guy does is crouch down. It seems a bit unrealistic to my that you can blow out a guy's neck at 700 meters and all he does is crouch down and heal himself with what I am assuming is a syringe. I was using a .408 I believe, the basic rifle of the BLUFOR sniper and it was just kind of unrealistic. There was also a time where I forgot to zero the gun and hit two guys through their knees and killed them both with one shot. Why would the knee kill but not the neck?


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Set officer on runway at the stratis airbase
Set up on hill with sniper rifle
Zero the rifle and shot that sucker in the neck and watch him live

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yes. have had the same issue at times...dont understand it at all

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