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All customizable fields of view
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I would like to see the option to customize our:

Default field of view
Zoomed in field of view
Zoomed out field of view

Customizing this would allow players to create their own settings as they want.
Humans can see about 180-200 degrees horizontally though each eye can only see about 150 degrees. The area which both eyes can see simultaneously and thus in depth is about 120 degrees. Each eye can turn to look at things within about 90 degrees without turning our heads. We have relatively good vision within 60 degrees of where we are looking though we have the very best within only a few degrees. All these values vary depending on your source.
Sitting 50 cm away from a screen that’s 50 cm across horizontally your field of view should be 50 degrees to make it appear like a window and not be any warped.

Currently on a 1920x1200 (16:10) screen I have a field of view about 84 degrees. Zooming in gives me about 50 and zooming out gives me about 110.

What values are realistic and not superhuman are quite debatable but I would very much like at least to be able to set my values to 50, 90 exactly and exactly 120 (the field that both our eyes can see).
If I had the choice I might even set the zoomed out option to 180 degrees which undeniably any person can see however in the outer 60 degrees or so we wouldn’t have any sense of depth which we still would in game though I would consider this a minor issue for the sake of realism.

Naturally having a centered field of view makes spotting enemies at a distance easier and more realistic while having a broader field of view makes CQB easier.

Currently changing your default field of view is the only thing here possible and it is only possible by changing values using notepad and even then the values entered don't seem to match at least compass readings in game perfectly.


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Additionally narrow fovs can make people motion sick.

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Just wanted to write a ticket about it :P
Good you did it for me :) Voted up.

So, players with wider field of view will get an advantage over those who play with standard FOV, am I right?

ceeeb added a comment.Jul 8 2013, 1:39 AM

I agree that players should be able to adjust FOV settings to suit their preference, but there must be limits based on real world human visual limits:

Max FOV should be 200° (horz) and 135° (vertically), which is pretty extreme for single monitor use but could affect multi monitor users.

Ideally, the min FOV (maximum zoom) limit should be proportional to your screen resolution (based on real maximum visual acuity).


No, noone gets an advantage. Anyone can use both zooming modes to make up for whatever setting they have set as default and besides a wider field of view means everything turns smaller and more difficult to see which is why you would only want it in CQB.


Yes, there should be realistic limits most definitely.
The max should obviously be somewhere between 110 where it is now and 200 degrees. The minimal value however will be harder to balance because I think it would only be 16 degrees if you wanted it to view true retina resolution on an HD screen. Naturally that is very small and I think it would make most scopes useless and also it would mean that when you’re using scopes they would have to cover more than the entire screen which would mean they would have to update the 3D scopes quite a bit and overall I think it would mean there would have to be significant changes to gameplay and over really long distances players not constantly zooming would be at a big disadvantage probably.
So I’m not sure what a reasonable minimum is but I really don’t know what would happen if you put it at 16 degrees…

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semiconductor, even though you DO can get a wider FOV than someone else, FOV is entirely something that depends on each one's choice, the most comfortable 90º fov for someone is better than an annoying 123897218931 º FOV for the same guy

danczer added a subscriber: danczer.May 7 2016, 3:21 PM

We need those settings! I changed my FOV to 40, because i play on small monitor and with 40 FOV the sizes on my monitor are like in real world.

Here is some facts why it is good, if user can change it!

Why good FOV options are crucial to PC games:

They did it well in the quake:

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really? i would like a bigger fov for smaller screens so that i can see everything in-game