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HEMTT Model Is Different from First Person to Third Person
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As I attached two soldiers on the backside of the HEMTT, I noticed that in third person, they looked perfectly placed; though in first person, they look like they're not even on the truck. IMPORTANT: There also is no trunk door when in first person. It's like the truck had been cut in half.


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Steps To Reproduce

-Spawn yourself as leader of a squad.
-Spawn another unit
-Spawn a blufor HEMTT
-attach the other unit to the HEMTT with the attachTo command.
-Unfortunately, I lost the coordinates for the attachTo command; I will kindly ask that you get roughly the same coordinates as I did, as the problem was very noticeable there.
-Hop on to the back part of the truck. Keep switching between first person and third person. See how not only the soldier you attached looks misplaced, but also there is no trunk door?

Additional Information

The screenshots were taken at the same time, with the same attachTo coordinates.

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Why did you use attachTo?

It was my hope that those two would shoot from that position, defending us; They got killed pretty easily though.

So, can they usually stand/sit there? For example, can they be put there via moveInCargo or something?

Btw, upvoted.

If you put them there through moveInCargo they'll sit like the other AI in the screenshot. If you use the attachTo command however, they will behave like any infantry on foot, though obviously attached to the vehicle.
The problem is that even though they were correctly placed in third person perspective, once I went into first person they looked like they weren't even in the truck.

Yeah, I can see that. I think that the missing door was already reported, but I'll upvote this ticket too.

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I think it may be because in vehicles in 1st person view, if you use “attachTo” the “items” get done in the first render-pass and not the 2nd render-pass. I think the only time “items” that are placed with the “attachTo” will appear fully in 1st person if there is nothing in the 2nd render-pass to block the view of them while anything this is in the 2nd render-pass will appear in front if it blocks them due to perspective etc, in 3rd person only the 1st pass is done.

That’s why the guys appear bigger than they should be for the perspective and why the bench and the floor is rendered in front of them rather than behind/beneath them.

You get a similar effect with partly submerged vehicles, in that in 3rd person the water level in them can be seen, while in 1st person the water in them cannot, as the environment is done in the 1st pass, not the 2nd pass.

Like said by AD2001, I think I recall the rear tailboard being reported already.

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