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When in AMV-7 Marshall as a passenger, light changes in function of external light and water presence.
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When a passenger in the Marshall, you have no windows, implying that no light should come from the outside.
But instead the light color changes in function of external conditions (night, underwater,...) and is very similar to the external light (i.e. not artificial).


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Spawn a Marshall in the water, with big waves, get in as a passenger. Wait a bit for the screen to alternate between blue filter and yellow filter.
  • Set time to 1 am, and spawn an Marshall, get in as a passenger. See that it is very dark.

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that is with all vehicles, that don't have windows. same in previous arma games. i think it is an engine limitation, but i upvotetd nevertheless. would be nice, if they could improve it.

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