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Helicopter Gunner Views *Missing Feature*
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Not sure if it was decided to remove or has yet to be implemented.

Would request however that the view allowing you to see inside the helicopter using your head movement be re-implemented. I personally don't care for being stuck with the view of looking down the barrels, gives me tunnel vision. Also I and others used this feature to act as a crew chief and keep the pilot informed of who is in who is out etc and would just like it back as it helped with realism and seemed like a great feature in ArmA II. It being in the previous ArmA gives me hopes that it would not be to much of a hassle to see its return!

Great work guys hope I have helped!


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Get in Ghosthawk Gunner seat. (Left or Right does not matter)

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bumping because for me this is much missed as well.

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please put back like arma 2.... make it 6 dof as side gunner... I used to use this feature to help pilots land in forest and watch the tail rotor.

add this please. would make door gunners much more useful as observers.

Yeah it really kills the immersion without this feature.