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Character prone issue fix and game improvement idea.
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The actual prone position is wrong and cause several issue, limitation and visual glitch.

We can rotate freely on the ground at high speed without limitation wish is unrealistic, the animation don't match and also at prone position we are limited on a short look up angle in a bad why that create a creepy bend body position like previous Arma game and also the fact that when we go down for finding a cover, the fact that we rotate on the ground can a lot of time create issue by make us get out of the cover for nothing and/or get killed for nothing just because the rotation make our feet get out of the cover area we have try to find.

I give you a simple idea that can fix a lot of issue, improve gameplay and visual aspect of the game in the same time in prone position with a new ground mechanic/way to move.
First thing a video link for show and remember the issue :

The idea :

No more ground rotation controlled by the mouse, but a dynamic stance.
This video perfectly show what i talk about.
Please avoid any disrespectful and useless commentary about my weight or any other kind of disrespectful comment or personal attack.

Rather than rotate in a unrealistic way the body on the ground for aim up or on the side, keep the body at the same position and just aim at different position by taking position already available in game with stances (it mean no need to create new skeleton position if you want)
And rather than actual left or right prone stance that will automatically appear when we aim on the side, the same key control that use it make our body rotate left or right, it mean rotation with a single speed wish mean realistic speed, matching animation.
My idea also provide more than 180° of aiming freedom in a realistic way and without visual glitch or gameplay unbalance issue, only the ground limitation (with riffle ground collision) must prevent the player to aim at 360°.

More information about how it work on "Additional Information"


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Open editor and place your character :
Go to prone position and look around while aiming (not with freelook that only move the head up), your body will bend in a unrealistic, impossible, ugly and immersion killer way.
You can also notice that this way prevent more than 45° aim up angle.
If you use your mouse to aim left or right you will notice an unrealistic and impossible ground rotation that the character do, bot also do the same thing, their is no animation for them and depending of the rotating speed the animation is totally not matching with the rotation.

Additional Information

Like a have describe no more ground rotation with mouse, rework for ground (prone) stances and recycling of actual animations/stance for this idea.

Using Prone stance left or right make our body rotate like the mouse actually do but in a single rotation speed available, it will avoid desynchronization between rotation speed and animation and don't need new animation and it limit unrealistic prone ground rotation and avoid to get out of the cover just cause our body rotate itself.

For the way the ground rotation can work :
Reference video (same link again)

Default prone & aim forward = actual prone stance, nothing change except that when we aim left or right our body don't rotate but our arm move, exactly like the Aiming Deadzone do (Options -> Game -> General -> Aiming Deadzone), i talk about the fact to aim not directly where our general body position point but the aiming point need to stay center on the screen and with hand moving rather than upper body side.

When aiming more left the game can use the actual prone stance left same for right.

When looking opposite to our general body direction (aiming at our feet) the character can use sitting and/or supine position, the best will be while aiming at 6 O'clock and look down the character use sitting position like the high prone stance, and while aiming higher he go to supine position. (transition from side stance to supine stance) Actually in game supine position
And use of actual ingame sitting position when look down

While aiming up a transition between max prone stance to lateral stance that permit to look up with a correct angle and finally supine position that permit to make a smooth transition between prone to stance and able to simply look backward.
Like this
Also the lower prone stance is perfect for transition between prone to supine while looking directly ahead.

It need a fluid and automatic transition between all actually existing stance while aiming around, it mean that we must be able to look 90° up and possibility to make a transition between left and right by passing on prone or supine position depending of where we aim (forward or backward)
It provide 180° of freedom, more realism and more immersion, better look and fix several issue at once and lets prone up and lower stance free for something else.
Actual prone system (+ some bugs) first link again.

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Basically take a look at Max Payne 3.

Please split up your bugs (1,2,3) into different tickets, but do not create duplicates, search first and improve other tickets, if they match your suggestions.

In fact i give more information about already existing bug and a way to fix them, the part 3 explain how to fix both issue 1 and 2 that are already know.
I can rewrite it for explain that the main thing i explain here is for fix several bug already know and add a missing feature in the same time...

I foretell, even a developer wanting to help wouldn't be able to tear through this wall of text... I am a software developer myself, and ticket like this would go straight to "Rejected" in my team.

And it is sad, but i don't see the point to talk about an idea and give almost no information just because devs are too lazy to read it rather than implemented themselves correct feature in the game.
But i will rewrite it in a shorter version...

Done, completely edited and rewrite for avoid a wall of text.

Vespa added a comment.Jul 30 2013, 1:08 PM

Thank you for devoting your time to such extensive description. However I can tell you this will not happen for Arma3, as there is no engine support for complex moves like proposed. Maybe for future projects.