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Action menu improvement and mouse manipulation
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Everyone know about the issue of the action menu and the need to improve it.
Review :
This ticket (i wonder to be "related to" this one) and the new Dslyecxi video and website update talk about it :

Two different menu, one for self actions, generated by the player and another a contextual generated by the environment/events and other player/bots.
A key (action key) for open contextual menu and interact with things, and another for player self actions, but this is already perfectly explained by the ticket 0010726.
Also like Dslyecxi said, a 3D line (probably the same that the one when we order a bot to move next to a wall or a corner) to said which action interact with which things.
And finally an improvement of the action area, for example if we want to access to the gear of a dead soldier, we need a whole minute to find the position to access to this, most of the time we will only see the weapon of the dead soldier of the ground.
Of course this is not my ticket but this is heavily related to, that why i talk about and i was forced to edit for avoid a duplicate with the new Dslyecxi's update.

What i propose is also a new way to interact with menu.
A key that enabled us to use mouse for interaction with both game and menu.

Simple : we click the key with an option for press to enable and release to disabled or toggle.
When this is open we see both self action menu (why not on the right side of the screen) and the contextual (on the left like actually) with bigger front that we can click on with mouse, wish permit to have quick access to this, a lot of people don't like the wheel menu system and a radial one will be horrible, but a clickable, like the inventory do will be perfect, mainly with the possibility to turn the camera/view by pushing the mouse on the screen's corner.

But more important it also permit to manipulate things, object mainly.
Rather than be stuck by an object in the middle of our way that that in real life we can push away we can now simply clear the way, ideal for inside but not only.
A small list of possibility :
Push back boat stuck on the beach, take attachment from weapon without need to take it in our inventory, move explosive charge, drag wounded player, push or drag player only if we can commanding him, manipulate smoke grenade and chemlight, create a trap, use something for create a little path for cars, possibility to lock doors and other interactions like open or close windows or flaps, clickable vehicle interface for access to complex actions without need a bench of buttons.

Arma is supposed to be an open sandbox but except have a weapon in our hands or use vehicle we can't do a lot of things...
It can open a lot of doors for both developers and modders without change in a negative way the game interface for those who don't want it.
It is also perfect for editing a mission for move things with high precision in a way that we can't do in the editor.

Left click for grab the object, mouse for move it, mouse wheel for distance and keep press mouse middle button for rotate the object, when we rotate out of the screen limit the camera move, we can use ZQSD/WASD for move the character, when the object is in our hand another left click release it, a right click release the object and close the menu and take the weapon back ready to shoot and press down and maintain left click on an object enabled a menu for object (like the right click on Windows) that show options of the object (see after for the Flashlight example) and right click for close this object small menu.
For small object like chemlight we don't need to put weapon on our back, same for flashlight, for bigger object we are forced to, for push a bot, put a quadbike, move an object in the way or anything else, and other like push cars or big boat like the patrol one require several people.

The last example will be for the hand flashlight :
We can manipulate it, take it in our hand and don't need to drop weapon, like this and also it can permit to put a flashlight on a table or anywhere else, put it on the exact direction we want and turn it on for make a trap or having a better view on a corridor that enemy will come from at night time.


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3 different tickets on the action menu all on the same page!

Not really, i just remember another ticket cause my system is heavily related to it but that's all and i want to avoid to be set as duplicate so i explain that it is a different things.

My ticket talk about a mouse interface, you press a button and it enabled you to click both contextual and self action menu (one of the example why i have to talk about the other ticket) and also with the same menu you can use your mouse to click on object and manipulate them, action menu and object manipulation is not two different menu that i talk about, i talk about a single one that permit both things.

So for anybody reading this is NOT a duplicate.

Sorry, I didn't read it due to all the words, but had just finished viewing another ticket talking about Dyslexci's video. It looked like he sparked some kind of uprising.

My ticket is 20 days old, it is not cause of him i have create it, but i have editing it, first cause it was 2 times bigger for nothing before and also cause almost everything he said on the video was on my old ticket and regarding the fact that the other ticket (0010726) now talk about what Dyslexci video said i was in need to update/editing it for avoid duplicate.


I guess I can forget about becoming a detective...

Haha np, if you want to, just be careful to small details, date, editions and things like this, it is always a small details that detective look for, and never trust in coincidence :D

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This is extremely important to get right. As such, the feedback from people like Dslyecxi should be given top priority. Currently I can't even pick up glow sticks like in Arma 2.

I really like how door and drawers are opened in Amnesia - The Last Descent. It really adds so much to the atmosphere that it's possible to sneak a peek, although Arma 3 needs a "regular" way of opening doors that allows for quick entry without fumbling with Amnesia-type door handling.

One thing to think of is that whenever you're in the position to open a door stealthily, you have time on your side. Thus having the means to do so tucked away as a secondary option next to the regular one, is probably the way to go. Again it is a thing that will pave the way for truly great urban warfare. Add to this closing, barring and breaching of doors, and an epic Stalingrad-type scenario would be a piece of cake.

I really don't know.
In every game BIS has to re-invent the wheel.
At least with the previous titles BIS gives a 50% in potential.
Community gets it to 150% ..and in next title we are back to "0" again.
Everything is there to be used to no avail..


In fact what you want it's like a America's Army menu?

I'm really to enhance possibilities for the menu.
I've posted a ticket to add possibility to use scroll button to adjust stances in key mapping, please read it...

I'm sorry Demongornot, this ticket is hard to read, a wall of text.

  • Keep the "Description" short and concise
  • Use bulleted lists (like this one)
  • Try to adapt the scheme "Observed", "Expected" (for issues also "Repro")
  • Do only list one feature or issue per ticket
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On another note, you only offer another way to improve #10726. So this is indeed a dupe.

Marking dupe of #10726. Devels will certainly review dupe tickets for good inputs.