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Better vehicle damage
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One of the biggest things that bug me about Arma is the lack of visual vehicle damage. In reality if you were to hit a tree at 70 Kph, Your car would have serious damage and the front would be crushed. But in Arma when you hit really hard your engine gets damaged which is what would happen normaly. But the visual damage is horrible. All you see is a car with it's windows full of bullet holes. Which is very weird since when do walls damage your car by shooting it. I think Arma 3 should have some sort of deformation. Like for example in Grand Theft Auto 4. I'm not saying the vehicles should have full soft body physics and be ultra realistic. ( If it did that would be awesome) I want to see at least my front smashed and maybe the wheels damaged. Also add more things able to be damaged, Such as gearbox, steering, breaks and so on. Another thing is that the helicopter wrecks, They are awful in my opinion. Its always the same model. I would like to see helicopters be able to be damaged in better ways. Such as having the whole tale blown off. Or if you shoot the main rotor blades enough they will still be on but won't give little to no lift. (Instead of flying off never to be seen again) Also if you shoot a rocket at a helicopter. It suddenly turns into it's destroyed model and falls to the ground. It would be nice if a helicopter is shoot down. The pilot (If he is still alive) should be given a chance to try to land the burning wreck as it spins towards the ground.


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ArmA really could use an improvement in this area, however at this stage of development i think its unlikelly to have this implemented. I hope i'm wrong.

LOL, like Grand theft Auto 4 ? Have you ever had an accident ? GTA 4 models are totally unrealistic and bugged. Please, i dont want ArmA with lot of downvoted

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Already requested.