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Empty HitPoints in cfgVehicles
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The trucks gives an empty array when I use configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >> "truck name" >> "HitPoints".
In the config browser in the editor there is two parents named HitPoints.
I guess the one is the actual, while the other is empty.
By bad luck it will choose the empty HitPoints config instead of the real one.

Edit: Some of the helicopters don't give the HitPoints as well. {F20689} {F20690} {F20691}


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count(configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "B_Truck_01_covered_F" >> "HitPoints");
returns 0.

count(configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "B_MRAP_01_gmg_F" >> "HitPoints"");
returns all the hitpoints as it should.

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Some vehicles doesn't return the Body/Hull Hitpoints.

I added a small mission example to show which vehicles have this error.

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How did you made ​​this screenshot? I mean from where?

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It's one of the dialogs in a mission I am busy developing.

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Some hats from cfgWeapons can be worn, but has no model. (invisible hats)

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Vehicles still returning 0 HitPoints:
PO-30 Orca
HEMTT Transport

Other issues:
Quadbike, Hunter, Ifrit and Strider does not return HitBody
Zamak only returns wheels.
Ifrit has HitReserveWheel, but it doesn't have a reserve wheel.

This is still a problem. Just found this myself while trying to get HitPoint names
Came here to post but found this open ticket.

I was unable to reproduce any from the issues mentioned in here. Are you still observing any issues in this matter? Thanks

Yes it still seems to be a problem in Stable 1.46. Using either a For loop or the command configClasses to iterate around the vehicles hitpoint classes. Try

terminate h;
h = [] spawn {

    while {true} do {

            hinttext = format ["%1\n\nMain Points\n******\n", typeOf cursorTarget];
            _veh = cursorTarget;
            	_HPName = configName _x;
                hinttext = hinttext + format['%1 >> %2\n', _HPName, cursorTarget getHitPointDamage _HPName ];
            "configClasses ( configFile >> "CFGVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "Hitpoints" ) ;
        hintSilent hinttext;
        sleep 1;



terminate h;
h = [] spawn {

    while {true} do {

            hinttext = format ["%1\n\nMain Points\n******\n", typeOf cursorTarget];
            _veh = cursorTarget;
            _baseCFG = configFile >> "CFGVehicles" >> typeOf _veh;
            for "_i" from 0 to (count (_baseCFG >> "HitPoints"))-1 do {
                _HPName = configName((_baseCFG >> "HitPoints") select _i);
                hinttext = hinttext + format["%1 >> %2\n", _HPName, cursorTarget getHitPointDamage _HPName ];

        hintSilent hinttext;
        sleep 1;


From the debugConsole and compare the hitPoints reported in the hint whilst looking at a B_Truck_01_covered_F or O_Heli_Light_02_F to the hitpoints in the actual config for the vehicle. They do not seem to match?

count(configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "B_Truck_01_covered_F" >> "HitPoints");
returns 15
There are actually 19 hitpoints in the config

count(configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> "O_Heli_Light_02_f" >> "HitPoints");
returns 9
There are actually 32 hitpoints in the config

They were the first two i retried.