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Diver subsonic gun/ammo sucks on land
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If you're a diver and come onto land and shoot at AI it acts as if it barely hurts them. I would think it would do more damage than what I have seen. I found this out myself playing around in map editor and just noticed it in a video on youtube where others have the problem. Hoping its just a bug that needs tweaked as I can't believe that ammo would penetrate that horribly on land especially if its a head shot.

Here is the video showing the problem, go up to about 11:15 and start watching.


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Put some enemies on land and you be a diver and come onto land and with the divers gun and subsonic ammo the gun doesn't kill.

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I searched and didn't see any reports on this, unless I searched for the wrong thing. Guys in that video definitely agree that something is up with the divers gun and ammo. They said it was the suppressor, but I think its the ammo. Or are you supposed to be carrying regular nato ammo to use once on land, I haven't tried that yet, but I don't think it gives you other rounds simply by just picking diver as your player. And still I would think the subsonic ammo would do more damage on land.

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Pack stanag ammo in your pack, then after your done shooting under water, load the stanag into your gun. Though it does seem odd that it does not hurt very much to be shot with.

Yes its the supressor. Usually subsonic ammunition must be used, which has a much lower energy. Of course, a silencer works well with normal ammunition, but you can then also remove the supressor because the bullet itself produces a loud bang.

The most cases in battlefields (not special ops probably) its not uncommon using Silencers with 'normal' ammunition.
Even if 'bulletcrack' will be still there..the detection of the shooter will be more difficult compared when not using Silencer at all..

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Possible duplicate of #1212?

Do you mean the SDAR rifle, using UW "dual purpose" the magazine?

Works as intended. Use normal 5.56 instead of DP supercavitating ammo. Do any of you read the manual?

The DP ammo is supercavitating, and is meant to work under water (range of 45 - 25 meters depending on your depth) and to about 50 meters above water as a last ditch ammunition.

Above water, switch to conventional ammunition: this is the same as used by the TAR and MK20.

@InstaGoat so what youre saying is shooting a person without a helmet point blank in the face should not kill him? Since thats whats happening currently. I thought the same as you untill i tried for myself first.
Thanks for the info though i was curious what ammunition that is and it seems pretty deadly

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Duplicate of 1212