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Grouped AI refuse to disembark MH-9 in wooded areas or close to trees when ordered to
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Curious Arma 3 bug that prevents grouped AI from disembarking an MH-9 when ordered.

It appears to occur when the MH-9 has landed in areas close to trees or in wooded areas. However, the grouped AI will disembark if the pilot seat is unoccupied in these areas.


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce
  • Spawn an MH-9 as player (for convenience in moving between LZs)
  • Spawn two grouped 'man' units, leader playable with 'this moveInCargo nameOfVehicle' in each unit's init field.
  • Fly between open LZs and cluttered LZs switching to the 'man' group leader and ordering subordinate to disembark.
  • Kill pilot in cluttered area and order subordinate to disembark: subordinate will disembark after delay.
Additional Information

Video demonstrating exactly what I mean:

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Please add a simple repro mission (editor).

This happens when objects around are blocking pathway to the destination.

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