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Arma 3 Needs To Add Buildings In Editor And Make It Easier To Make Load outs And In game Map Maker.
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I think Arma 3 should add a better way to make load out by adding a button to unit placement (F1) menu, this would be extremely helpful towards mission developers and to mess around in the open world. The reason building placement should be included so people can make their own pier or airfield, the possibilities could be endless. Maybe a built in map editor like Farcry 3 so people don't need to learn all the tools when everything is laid out as easy as possible.


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It can be done now with some scripts and tons of CLASSNAME........
So just make some GUI for it,BIS!

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I'm going to cover each section individually:

Buildings in the editor: There are mods for that, I don't know why BIS doesn't add it in vanilla Arma 3.

Making loadouts: It is a confirmed feature, so you can remove it.

In-game map maker: I don't think it's possible. Arma maps are too complex for that.

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Solved with 3DEN.