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AI is omniscient
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Every time I play or build a "stealth" style mission, day or night, the AI can spot us from any distance, through any foliage, and even when we are underwater. I don't think the AI should be blind, but from experience it definitely feels like they have a sixth-sense. We currently play on regular difficulty.


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Place an Opfor rifleman on the shore of Agia Marina. Place a Blufor diver as player just beside the docks and set their elevation to -10. Preview and swim around and see how quickly the AI will start shooting you.

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It could just be that my group sucks, but honestly it wouldn't hurt the game to decrease AI ability to see, especially under water. Also, this occurs less frequently at night, not still feels ludicrous.

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I agree. I tried a stealth mission and was hiding in a building with cracked shutters. The AI spotted me while I was in the back of the room looking through one of the holes in a shutter with a scope.

Even with the AI set to no skill, they could spot me laying down in a field 600m away.

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the AI at the moment is Shi* sorry for language but people have been saying this for sometime now and nothing has been done.