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Skeletal animations for static and mounted weapons
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Animations in Arma 3 are good enought, but static weapon need skeletal animations too. We are see that car steering wheel have skeletal animations, but static weapons haven't. Solution of such problem can be seen in Half-Life 2 when NPC's skeletons properly connected to static weapons and show us nice and realistic animations.



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Upvoting without hesitating.
In my opinion it should have been realized in Arma 2 or even earlier, but still Arma 3 will only win after implementation of this animations.

Oh my... Thank you for this ticket, I was about to post that too. There is definitelly a need for these animations in A3, so the animation system could be called revamped. Animation where crew takes a shell and put it down the mortar would add alot. There is also a problem with dead crew being unable to ragdoll. Also possibility to tweak animations would help modders but im not so sure to what extent it would be possible.

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Upvoted, I actually opened a ticket for mortar anims only but you are right, we need animations for all static weapons!

Sure, all static weapon animations should be added in future.

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Yeap, upvoted too. That will get more quality to the final product.

I advice to game developers to watch battle field 2 hmmwv m2 animation