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(TrackIr) 6 Degrees of freedom inside vehicles...
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The internal structure of the vehicles obscures the outside view to a point where they are almost undriveable.
Please implement the full use (6DOF) of TrackIr inside vehicles so that we can lean sideways & forwards to see outside more easily.
Just like the racing simulator 'LIVE FOR SPEED'

I never use 3rd person view when playing ARMA but unfortunately I am forced to when driving vehicles.

This would be very useful and realistic.
Thanks :-)


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Yes, please give us full 6DOF in all vehicles! Its so lovely to play with the littlebird which as far as I can tell supports 6DOF but in most of the other vehicles it does not work and feels so limiting.

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This really should be in, it worked very nicely for TKOH and still does in A3, it is senseless to not have this feature in other A3 vehicles.

The AH-9 Pawnee helicopter almost already has this view feature (to a certain degree)
Could we make all vehicles have the same trackIR usage as the AH-9 Pawnee for now so we can lean from side to side and look around the internal structure of the vehicles (like in real life :-)

The large trucks have good visibility from inside and are easy to drive with track IR.
But the vehicles like the Ifrit, Hunter etc.. are almost impossible to drive because you can't lean left to right or forward & back.

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I want this as well. The Hummingbird/Pawnee could use some tweaking, as the 6DoF feels very sensitive and hard to control, but other than that, its great!

6Dof for all vehicles! +1

I have not bought TrackIR yet (something to do this summer), but I have watched videos of 6DOF games and it looks amazing. +1 for this.