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AI gets stuck rearming on equipment change
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If an equipment source is nearby, AI units leave their waypoints to rearm and get stuck repeating the rearming procedure when their gear is changed, disregarding any waypoints. {F20663}


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AI Issues
Steps To Reproduce

In the editor:

  1. Place a player unit
  2. Place an AI soldier, remove his vest in the init (removeVest this)
  3. Give the AI soldier a HOLD-waypoint next to him
  4. Place a basic weapons crate nearby but outside the waypoint's area
  5. Preview the mission
  6. Observe as the target runs at the weapons crate and attempts to rearm seemingly forever.
Additional Information

The erratic behaviour gets worse if there are several equipment sources nearby. I have observed units running out of a camp, outside of the walls, and proceed to repeat the container-access animation on an empty hillside.

Divers exhibit this behaviour when their uniform is removed, while other units react the same way to their vest being removed. I suspect this is related to having most of their standard equipment removed with the item.

Units do not do this if all containers nearby are empty.

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When vehicle crew dismount they also can get stuck in a loop, forever rearming from their vehicles or another nearby source.

For a simple reproduction:

Place an AI Marshall APC.
Give it a "GET OUT" waypoint.
When it reaches the waypoint they dismount and get stuck in the loop.

Yep.. they do get stuck. /upvoted

Yep, this breaks my missions nicely. Create Independent 'Rifleman (Light)' in own group, an empty Hunter nearby and observe the spectacular rearming ballet.

If possible, a working temporary fix is to delete all cargo from any nearby vehicles. This of course means you can't place any ammo or equipment crates either, so it's a pretty shoddy workaround.

F2kSel added a subscriber: F2kSel.May 7 2016, 3:17 PM

A much simpler example is just place several AI units with no ammo and an ammobox.

They get stuck in a continuous loop.

Even when this is fixed (living in hope) there are still issues.

There should be a command to have them return to original position.

They shouldn't be able to take ammo from hidden boxes or vehicles.

Right now you know where they're going to be after every conflict grouped around ammo supplies.

And the animation sucks.

Iceman added a comment.Apr 7 2014, 4:30 PM

could you please upload a simple repro mission placed on Stratis? It would be a big help, thank you.

Repro mission uploaded and updated the description etc to better match current behaviour I can be certain of.

Thank you,

the repro mission worked. Our program department will look into it.