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SUGGESTION for Reloading Missile launchers + Disposable Launchers
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1: Reloading
I hope the generic reloading animations will be replaced with proper ones, and to adress the problem of reloading heavy launchers on the move, I have the following suggestion.

-Make it impossible-.

Drastic, but here is the Idea.

When reloading a Titan MPRL, the player will go into kneeling position, place the tube on the ground, and snap the Launch control unit onto it, and then shoulder the launcher.

IF the player MOVES, the Launch control unit goes BACK into the Inventory. The Launch tube will remain on the GROUND.

This will force players to think about when to reload a launcher, but also will not kill them if they accidentially hit the button in the wrong spot, or need to move when surprised by an enemy while reloading. They then have to fetch the ammo back from where they dropped it.

2: Disposables

Make the optic/Launch Unit the weapon proper, and make the disposable launch tube the ammo.

When player launches the weapon, the tube is empty and will be discarded, and the optic/launch unit/trigger assembly will be stowed back into the gear.

Also make the LCU for the Titan, for example, the weapon/optical part and allow unloading it to use it as observation device.


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Steps To Reproduce

Take Launch Control Unit

Hit R -> Reload Animation starts

Player doesn't move: Attaches ammo to LCU and shoulders it. Weapon ready.

Player moves while animation plays: Abort animation. LCU back to inventory, Ammo (Launch Tube) gets DROPPED wherever he is standing.

AI will abandon Ammo when fired upon while reloading, and then try to get back their ammo for 5 - 10 minutes, then abandon the ammo for good.

Additional Information

Reasoning: Reloading a 45 kilogram weapons system on the move is pretty much impossible, especially when bulky parts like launcher tubes and LCU's are concerned. Disallowing the player to move without loosing a round of ammo will force them to think before reloading, but will also not kill them if they reload and get surprised OFP style.

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Good ticket! +1

why aren't they even respond :(


I suppose you talk about the devs , they said they are in data lock (or something like that) for now until official release , meaning the will only fix what is essential for a stable release and then hopefully the will get back fixing/adding other stuff.

Good point instagoat , upvoted!

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voted up

I dont mind more realism, as long as you dont get stuck in a slow paced animation when shit hits the fan.

Something that bugged me for years in FPS games, the reloading animations especially the heavy machine guns, the reload animation is like some dude reloading on a sunday afternoon shooting session, like "check out the detail and effort that went into the reload animation" and all while you are in the thick of a fire fight...

And then gears of war came with that reload system. Which I love and wish all FPS games had it. Press reload once, and the slow taking your time animation plays, cant go wrong, but in the thick of action, you have the option to speed reload as if you were in a stressfull situation.

Now i know I went off topic a bit, but my point being, I am all for realism, but do not get me stuck in a god damn reload animation in the thick of action... You have no idea how i am thankful that BIS ditched the shitty launcher shoulder when going prone, I died so many times trying to go prone after taking out a tank and that damn animation got me killed.

otherwise, upvoted =)

Upvoted! Can't wait until they actually fix this!

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Upvoted, i use the spike missile system myself in the FDF and reloading certainly isn't that simple. Every missile system has its own shooter and loader. Its physically impossible to carry both the launch unit and missiles at the same time, but i think this ticket is suggesting a good middle ground.

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Too much limitations... Why action will be canceled when player moves? Did some of you ever used RPG-7? Reloading it its fast and easy and doesnt require crouching. Making it more complicated will waste whole joy and realism from AT oprtaions. You will be allways dead....