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Enable OPFOR helmet HUD pieces when not wearing glasses/goggles
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As someone who actually liked the HUD pieces on the OPFOR helmet, please reverse the always-retracted HUD feature added by the latest dev build update (03-07-2013) if the character is not wearing any form of eyewear. E.g make them only retract if wearing goggles/glasses


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the problem is, that the HUD would need to get simulated, or other people would demand a proper implementation of infantry HUD / augmented reality systems.

please note, that the arma UI is not a simulation of infantry HUD-systems, but just game UI, allowing the game to give you feedback about things that would be hard to communicate otherwises. (stance indicator etc.)

It should implement a LAND WARRIOR esque system though.

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I don't think they'd have to do that - most people's complaints were purely that they looked goofy or clipped with eye wear rather than the fact that they are purely aesthetic - many things in this game exist for such reasons, including the OPFOR units cooling system on their uniforms - which serves no functional purpose.

I'm completely fine with having things in the game that don't affect gameplay, I'm not asking for a fully simulated HUD - I just liked how the HUD pieces looked :P

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Twistking, you know the Tactical Shades have HUD on them too, yet they dont work..

yes, zacho, that is true. i just wanted to point out, that in theory it is a minor flaw in the coherence of the simulation. not a big deal and i don't really care about it.
on the other hand, i like the new opfor look from a pure aesthetical point of view. with the hud they looked a bit over the top scifi. that is personal taste, i guess!

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