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Accessibility problem: Lock target / Zoom / Hold breath
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Problems with Right Mouse Button Default Controls destroy accessiblity and create the need to fiddle with controls a lot. Even then the amount of required buttons/keys is high.

Specific problems:

  1. Right Click "Lock Target" is performed by accident, but the player just wanted to zoom in with the Right Mouse Button (RMB).
  1. Lock target is always possible, even if there is no target reticule on screen. So you do not know that you just pointed at a target.
  1. Zooming in deselects the current target, which is bad when being commander.
  1. Holding breath when zooming in is a bad combination, as you want to firsz zoom in, assess the situation, THEN hold breath and fire, so that breathing does not resume the moment you fire, which is currently happening when you do not fire immediatelly after zooming in, but wait too long.

Suggestion for problem 1:
Do not link "temp zoom in" and "select target" by default controls on the same button.

Suggestion for problem 2:
Always show a dot in the center of the screen, also when no weapon is active and also when the player is a driver. So player knows why and how he selected a target when right clicking.

Suggestion for problem 3:
As cancel target and select target are both on the same button: See Suggestion 1.

Suggestion for problem 4:
Do not link zoom and hold breath on one button.


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For example:

  1. Be a driver of a boat with AI crew.
  2. Look around with ALT.
  3. Hold right mouse button to zoom in / select target and look at enemy units.

-> Observe that when scanning the terrain for enemies, you accidentily select targets without wanting to do so.

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If you don't like zoom+breath just change it.

And see here for the locking issue, thanks:

ceeeb added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 5:31 AM

Related to #988

The RMB does way too many incompatible things with the default controls. I bind hold breath to ctrl, which seems to work quite well.

We can resolve most of the RMB problems by using custom controls, but the combination zoom/lock is the worst, and cannot be resolved by control settings unless these two commands are separated. The zoom aspect of the zoom/lock rarely produces the same effect as the zoom command also...

"If you don't like zoom+breath just change it."

If you don't want to make a good game, just don't post here.

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