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[REQUEST] Internal Vehicle command interaction
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Make internal commands in vehicle interactive, user can watch commands and active/deactive it with looking like Flight Simulator series, menu command are still supported but with this modmakers are able to create interactive/responsive interfaces that increase feeling of reality and game funny, modmakers could use this to create so much more advanced functions and implement a lot of commands that is not able to use easy right now because you must activate it by ingame slide menu.


Vehicle cockpit is an object loaded by CfgVehicle of the vehicle in defined position, the CfgCockpit class is referred to an object with buttons and switches defined like the bones and linked to a function that run when button is pressed (or switch activated, etc.).

When player look a responsive button/switch, an hand appear (like when player look a weapon on the ground) with an optional description (write in CfgCockpit button/switch definition), if player hit the command the function is called by engine.

Other commands could be allowed (like multi-selection switches) by defining it like an object (CfgCustomSwitch) and loaded on specific position by CfgCockpit.


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Names are invented and could be anything BIS wish, implementation is based on my reasoning and could not fit or be a good implementation, it's write for explain better the concept.
I'm sorry for my english and please feel free to correct my mistakes.

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yes, even if it's not usable in game, it would be cool, if the devs could provide basic support for this feature, so that modders could utilize it.

it was possible in toh, so the engine should already support it somehow.

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So, the summary of this is "clickable cockpit buttons and switches" ?

TOH and A3 are by all accounts siblings, so it's not certain that it "should already support it somehow"

No, the concept is more wide than that: buildings, objects in general will support that feature

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