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Iranian team still uses player's selected profile head
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Currently there is no way for players who run organized PvP server to make players on the OpFor team appear with the proper faces. When players join the game always uses their chosen face from their profile. It would be nice if there were a way for multiplayer servers to force pre-selected faces on players so their nationality matched their uniform.

As it is you cannot be Iranian even if you plan on it because the faces are not available options. {F20639} {F20640}


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I am sorry but I don’t see ANY problem in PvP, as any player should have the face THEY pick personally NOT the face YOU think they should because of some narrow-mindedness OR personal problem of YOURS, the proper face is the face they have picked to use.

besides you use the uniform NOT the face to ID an enemy!

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yep, we should have two profile heads, one for BLUFOR one for OPFOR, because, as much as people are trying to convince them that we live in a world where everyone is white it's not the truth, OPFOR are from the middle east, and middle east people have different color, that's it, that's how it is, and if you think I'm being racist, you need to learn the difference between being racist and realist

There should be an option to pick from Arabian heads. I missed this ingame myself, as they are fully modeled and done anyway, unless they are somehow tecnicly diffrent from the other heads, but they look really good. better than some white faces imho.

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b101uk, this would be a server option for admins who wish to run more realistic servers to select from an Opfor head the player has chosen, or something along those lines. No one is trying to change how you play. Sorry for any misunderstanding my wording may have caused anyone, I hope I've improved it.

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