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REQUEST for Encumbrance/Fatigue Implementation (Overhauled ticket, updated content)
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Right now the heavily loaded AT Specialists (85%~ loaded) can sprint for about 70 ish meters and after that continue running indefinitely.

I suggest a -radical- increase in the degree of punishment for overloading your character while there is still dev-time, also for AI.

Then scale back on feedback and real life data to match. As sources I suggest watching videos of soldiers moving under fire in Afghanistan. These have typical loadouts weighing between 50 and 80 kgs, and rather than "running" or "sprinting" they "lumber" and "dash". Only the most athletic, heavily trained special forces soldiers with their lighter gear can be seen in some videos to actually move with high tempo.

Vehicles should receive a new value for moving around, thusly. AI should also be allowed to confiscate/use vehicles on their own, but that´s a far out request.


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-Dynamically scale speed with weight.

-Give mobility penalties based on weight borne. (Slower getting up and turning.)

-Add a "tired jogging" animation (I suggest using the "at ease" jogging animation the player character uses, it is slower than the normal jog, and looks a little hunched over, thus appropriate for such.)

-Make moving over terrain inclines increase fatigue (both up and downhill, uphill slightly more than downhill. Energy expediture can be roughly estimated by looking at how much power vehicles need to climb hills.)

This needs to be at least acknowledged, so we know someone in BI is looking at this.

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-Forced walk at max fatigue
-Shorter "hold breath" times when fatigued
-More punishing long term fatigue

No matter the fatigue state, weight borne should lower speed of:
-Changing stances
-Climbing into vehicles
-Increase speed of fatigue gained
-Increase weapons sway, slower speed of raising of weapon, slower reloads, slower weapons switches. SLOWER everything!
-LOWER RECOVERY of fatigue (currently identical across all weights carried. Carrying a backpack alone should be fatiguing.)
-WEIGHT should IMPOSE a penalty -minimum fatigue-. Once you start moving, your fatigue will not go below this level -without you dropping the weight!!!-. Even when prone, your weapon-sway will be reduced, but you will get up slower and your weapon sway standing will be increased again.

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↑↑↑↑ +1

True. We need clarification with game's release not being far away and all.

As it is now the soldier can carry 100 kgs of gear and still able to sprint and run forever.

ArmA2 didn't have it that bad because you could either carry a backpack or a launcher. But with the current inventory system a countermeasure to one man armies is required.

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I completely agree - It also doesn't help that none of the backpacks or "belts" have any apparent statistics ingame, making it a jungle to try and sort through them to balance your loadout.

Changed the content of the ticket along the original lines. Fatigue/Encumbrance is in, but not as extensive as many wish.

I have tried to include the most critical things. Please inform me if you have other criticals that should be in, or if things I´ve picked are not as important as I actually thought.

I would appreciate word from the devs as far as the feasibility of these things, too, since we haven´t heard on the original request of the ticket, unfortunately.

Anyone that wouldn't want this added for there own in-game benefits would probs be a huge fan of Cod and Would not Understand what War simulator meant! ↑↑↑↑ +1