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Parachute Animations
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I like the new skydiving Animations, but it really needs new transitions.

  • When you fall the character mantain the standing position, which is unnatural, i suggest a transition to a pre-skydiving stance (like when jumping from a couple of meters) that after x-time make the transition to the skydiving stance.
  • When skydiving and opening the chute the animations are quite clunky, the character have no transition again, and when gliding it has no idle animations. The opening animation of the chute itself look quite unrealistic to me, it just feels like it is a solid object, not fluid at all.
  • There is no landing Animation, i think this one should be relative to the landing speed and the chute shouldn't disappear immediatly.


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Haven't tried it yet, but I'll take your word for it.

What I am puzzled by is that they (BI) say that they want to make ArmA 3
the most polished game they made, so more people would find it appealing.
Especially now, after DayZ made ArmA so popular and generally much more well known.

But they fail to realize it's exactly those kind of little things that turn the general
gamer public from ArmA. We the hardcore mili-sim will probably play it regardless,
but if it's true what they say, that they want to make it more polished, than why,
why don't they fix those things that plague this game for years now.
God knows it's not that complicated to add some basic animations and make sure they work properly and smoothly.
even allot of the animations that already in the game are subpar in my opinion for a AAA game.

I am really baffled by it and I hope you step up your game BI.
I say it because I care.

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Duplicate report / request.