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Colour environment
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I find that the colour in ArmA 3 are not very realistic.
I took one picture of Agia Marina when the sun is at the right position and compared with Agia image (with also sun at right).
I compared with places on the islands with ArmA 3 and I think it is to different: {F20624} {F20625}


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voted up, and i think better contrast can fix it or.. make it better (option in settings will be good solution becouse of so many different monitors)

Monitors should be calibrated themselves, not the game... The game should match the photograph (regardless of specific monitor/settings)

It will be nice if we can change in-game the colours of vegetation, sky and sea. (just a little as preference).

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The blue ocean looks just annoying as it is right now. Way too much saturation. Everytime I'm showing the game to someone not involved they're like "Uh, what happened to the ocean?" and I'm like "Yeah, it's still Alpha/Beta ..."

The ticket description doesn't come clearly, do you want it less saturated or even more like the too colorful photo you attached?

wUFr added a comment.Jul 3 2013, 2:33 PM

lets say he/we wants better colors, btw i think they updated it, water seems to be less blue than before

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The image is a bit over processed IMO
The game tries to mimic how you see things with your own eyes
not an over processed photo.

If you want to know if it's accurate or not, you have to physically go to Greece
since a photo look nothing like real life when it come to saturation,
contrast, tonal range, Dynamic range etc.

Personally I think the lighting is not bad at all.
Although I am not from Greece, i am not so far away and I live in a similar
weather country.

Moreover, I think there are other things the devs should work on,
and not color saturation contrast and so on.

OK, so I won't vote down, but I won't vote up either.

I took pictures in Arma 3 at exact points like in here: and I found that it is not the same. You can try and you'll see.

wUFr added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 12:11 AM

little playing in photoshop:

it can be ugly for some people - depends on your monitor etc.. and thats why this should be adjustable. But devs have more important work to do now :(

friend sent me this: that can help us :)

bez added a comment.Jul 4 2013, 12:33 AM

fluxliner, pictures and reality don't look the same.
Pictures are processed, reality isn't.

ArmA try to look like reality not a processed picture.
If you want to know if the lighting is accurate in game to what it is in Greece,
you have to go there not see it in pictures, which are usually processed
so the image look more appealing.

Bez, I went many times in Italy where the light is everywhere. I know what I say about colour and light.

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Current "Rendering Machine" is a bit suxx, she gives wrong colors and post-processing + lights colors.

My opinios based on V-Ray, Fry Render and real life exp

Devs, please correct it