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Allow helicopter co-pilot to control floodlight
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ATM the floodlight on the helicopter is static and cannot be moved or be focused on any particular point. Allow the co-pilot to freely move the floodlight onto an enemy, vehicle, LZ, etc; but still allow the pilot to turn it on or off as well. If an AI co-pilot or no co-pilot is on-board then it would work as it already is in game.


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At the moment the Copilot seat is just another seat to carry someone else in.

i'm not an expert, but would that not be totally unrealistic on most helicopters?

for law inforcement that would make sense, but many military helicopters have FLIR and night vision.
i think the floodlight is meant to be a landing light. it is switched on for landing. it is not used as a searchlight.

i did not vote on it, because i don't know for sure.

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why can't people make the difference between a landing light and a searchlight god dammit

I think this is a great idea because as it is the co pilot is just seating there doing noting of any thing

he can help the pilot with navigation, can watch for enemies etc.

no need to give him a task, which is highly unrealistic, only for the sake of giving him something to do. this is not occupational therapy. This, gentlemen, is war!